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Creating the right first impression - Useful tips from British Sugar

Added: 23rd September 2013

The most common questions I get asked when out and about at graduate recruitment fairs and company presentations, is how do you make the best first impression to an employer? I may not be able to answer for all graduate recruiters out there, but I can certainly provide some guidance from our perspective here at British Sugar that will help you stand out from the crowd. In turbulent economic times and when organisations are re-thinking their graduate hiring numbers, applications will...

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Ambush ready to make her debut for the Silent Service

Added: 18th September 2012

The Navys latest hunter-killer submarine HMS Ambush is ready to sail on her maiden voyage after nearly a decade's work and training. The second of the Fleets class of cutting-edge £1bn Astute-class submarines is imminently due to leave the yard where she was built in Barrow for the first time. IN A matter of days there will be another £1bn of cutting edge naval technology flexing its muscles for the first time in the Irish Sea as hunter-killer submarine HMS Ambush begins...

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First images from World's most powerful camera in its hunt for dark energy

Added: 18th September 2012

Eight billion years ago, rays of light from distant galaxies began their long journey to Earth. On 12 September, that ancient starlight found its way to a mountaintop in Chile, where the newly-constructed Dark Energy Camera, the most powerful sky-mapping machine ever created, captured and recorded it for the first time. That light may hold within it the answer to one of the biggest mysteries in physics - why the expansion of the universe is speeding up. Although dark energy...

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HMK extends it's DriveTrain offering by acquiring Jacksons Power

Added: 12th September 2012

We are pleased to announce that HMK has acquired the trade and assets of Jacksons Power Transmissions Ltd. Jacksons Power Transmissions was formed over 25 year ago with the sole aim to provide individually designed drive solutions for both plant and machinery across all types of industry and quarries within UK. The company has developed over the years and now supplies equipment for new applications and replacements. The range includes: Gearboxes Motors...

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FDM Group announced as the fourth top company for graduates to work for

Added: 10th September 2012

The UK's leading IT graduate employer, FDM Group, has ranked fourth in The JobCrowd's "Top Companies For Graduates To Work For" 2012/13. FDM has been placed above many internationally recognised companies Atos, IBM and Intel. For the first time ever, The JobCrowd has categorised each industry and FDM is delighted to announce it was placed second only to Microsoft in the IT and Telecoms category. This is the second consecutive year that FDM has been featured in the list, which is...

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Going For Gold!

Added: 2nd July 2012

Going for Gold With 26 days, at the time of writing, until the opening ceremony of London 2012 the pressure on our Olympic athletes to perform is mounting.  The nations eyes will be monitoring the medals table and hoping for an improvement on the medal tally achieved at Beijing 2008.  Here at Cundall our Engineers have already seen success in 2012 and our medal haul is steadily growing. Below are just some of the projects that have seen Cundall take gold both in the UK and...

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Great Minds think alike – Susan and Lynne McDonald - Engineering Twins

Added: 4th April 2012

Susan and Lynne McDonald both attended the University of Strathclyde where they studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Both girls had always had an interest in engineering and Susan had spent 10 days at NASA as a teenager, which cemented her desire to be an engineer.  During their university careers they were both lucky enough to be IET Power Academy scholars, which meant they gained sponsorship towards their course amongst other benefits. After graduating in...

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ARM Introduce the Cortex-M0+ processor: The Ultimate in Low Power

Added: 14th March 2012

The ARM Cortex-M0+ processor has just been announced. In this article we will introduce this new processor and explain how it can bring additional advantages to your embedded products. The Cortex-M0+ processor builds on the successful Cortex-M0 processor, which was released three years ago. The Cortex-M0 processor provided excellent code density and best in class energy efficiency in about the same silicon area as 8-bit and 16-bit processors. Since the release, the Cortex-M0 processor is...

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Cundall’s Olympic White Knuckle Adventure

Added: 6th March 2012

In this Olympic year and with the opening ceremony only 143 days away (at the time of writing anyway!) it seemed fitting that we share some of the work we have been involved with at one of the Olympic venues.  The Lee Valley White Water Centre to be precise. The world class artificial white water canoe course was a major multidisciplinary engineering project.  The centre will host major competition canoe and kayak events, with up to 12,000 spectators in temporary...

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Come & See How It's Done - Imagination Technologies' Student Open Day

Added: 2nd February 2012

22nd of February 2012 About Imagination Technology surrounds us: in our phones, laptops and personal media players; in our offices, homes and cars. For over a decade Imagination Technologies has been enabling this technology with unique, patented semiconductor intellectual property (IP) cores for multimedia and communication. Developed by our Technology division, Imagination’s IP is at the heart of the latest advanced consumer electronics products. The majority of top...

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Cundall Graduate Training: Building Sustainable Careers

Added: 26th January 2012

    As Cundall’s Director of HR and Training, I was delighted to be asked to write a blog about life as a Graduate with Cundall. Deciding where to start your career is a huge decision, and no doubt you read lots of very “corporate” literature about the training provided by consultancies just like Cundall, so I guess it can be difficult to tell us apart. We’ve just opened our Graduate Recruitment process for 2012, so I’d like to try, in this...

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Globetrotting: Venturing East

Added: 18th January 2012

In our globetrotting series we will be asking Engineers from across Cundall to talk about their experiences whilst on secondment to Cundall’s International offices. Carl Pratt a Building Services Engineer based in Newcastle upon Tyne has recently returned from a six month placement in Shanghai. I have worked as a Building Services Engineer at Cundall since I graduated in 2007. The opportunity to work overseas has always been of interest to me and the fact that Cundall has...

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Taiwo Saola - Materials Engineer at Morgan Crucible

Added: 13th January 2012

I joined Morgan Crucible straight out of University in September 2008. I started off as one of a growing team of Materials Engineers working in the Technical Department at the Stourport Site in the UK. My role has focussed on material development. In particular, I have worked on new ceramic materials and how to improve the existing materials that we use to generate even more competitive and differentiated ceramic products. I have also worked on process optimisation and control to...

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Arup & Engineers Without Borders Launch Resilient Cities Competition

Added: 21st December 2011

Identify what makes a city resilient for your chance to win an internship with Arup International Development. The Brief You should identify a city or a part of a city that you consider to be Resilient. You should research and analyse; what it is resilient to (ie. shocks and stresses), how it is Resilient (what do you understand by resilience and how this is demonstrated) and explain why you think it is a good case study. The city can be located anywhere in the world and variety...

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100 Days in Engineering. Part Two

Added: 19th December 2011

Our second Graduate is Richard Sheppard.  Richard also joined Cundall on 5 September 2011 also in our London office but as a Graduate Building Services Engineer.  Richard had completed an MEng(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering with Advanced Design and Innovation at the University of Bath before joining Cundall. I graduated from University with a Masters degree in mechanical engineering.  Unlike some of my friends, I ignored applying for jobs during my final year in order...

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Gradcracker attends The IET Young Woman Engineer Award 2011

Added: 13th December 2011. Source: Sophie Cottam

  Gradcracker was invited by The IET to attend the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s 2011 Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards. Never having been to the event before, on the first of December I excitedly travelled down to London to attend the awards ceremony. This prestigious award is to celebrate and recognise female engineers under the age of thirty at the top of their game – the very best. The award brings the many achievements of women in the...

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100 Days in Engineering. Part One.

Added: 12th December 2011

In the world of politics and political reporting the start of a Country’s Leaders rule, be it as President,  Prime Minister, King….is now punctuated at 100 days to reflect on what has been achieved by them so far. The press reporting and judging on the actions and progress towards election promises made so far and the leaders themselves marking the occasion with conferences. So whilst our 2011 intake of Graduates may not wield quite the same power and influence...

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Career Ladder

Added: 21st November 2011

Career Ladder will introduce some of Cundall’s Senior staff from across the Practice.  It will provide an insight in to why they chose to embark on (or how they fell into) a career in engineering  and some of the highlights they have experienced, from working overseas to prestigious projects.  There may even be some snippets of advice to those just starting out on their careers.  First up is Steven Cooper, Partner Cundall Fire Engineering  ...

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Costain Wins Four Top Awards

Added: 15th November 2011

The search for talented engineers continues

Added: 8th November 2011

On 8th September 2011, six engineering graduates attended the IMI plc Assessment Centre at the Headquarters in Birmingham with the hope of being selected for the Global Graduate Development (GGD) programme.  The GGD programme has enjoyed continued success for the last 30 years and heralds notable alumni such as the CEO, Martin Lamb, and Roy Twite, Executive Director.  To be selected for a position at the Assessment Centre individuals are required to pass 2 independent...

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IMI China – Talent Acquisition Surge

Added: 8th November 2011

Gone Fishing!

Added: 7th November 2011

This is the time of year that you, as final year students, are thinking about finding that perfect Graduate role.  A position that can begin to fulfil your career aspirations and make the last three or four years of studying feel worthwhile.  A position that will allow you to start putting that hard earned knowledge into practice. Part of my own role at Cundall is graduate recruitment and this time of year we begin to think about our graduate recruitment campaign and how we...

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Gradcracker tours an Apache Platform in the North Sea

Added: 1st November 2011

We have produced a video of Rachel and Annie’s trip to the Forties Delta Platform, courtesy of Gradcracker employer Apache. If you are thinking of a career in the exciting Oil and Gas industry this will give you a real flavour of what it’s like to work on an offshore platform . During the visit we spoke to Ed Smith, Offshore Installation Manager (aka the boss!) of the platform. He told us about the best and worst bits of working offshore and gave us a run down of his...

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Wood Group PSN: creating a global leader

Added: 17th October 2011

Following the acquisition  of PSN (Production Services Network) by Wood Group, combining PSN with Wood Group’s Production Facilities division has created the world’s leading brownfield services provider, well positioned for growth. The formation of Wood Group PSN has been described by its new leadership as 'momentous', bringing together two distinct yet complementary cultures to form a business with a deep pool of talent, wide market coverage, comprehensive service...

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