PCC Employee Profiles

Mo – Completed the MDP in May 2013

"After graduating from university of Liverpool with an aerospace engineering degree, I had life changing decision to make in regards to my professional career. The decision I made was to join PCC’s MDP programme. During the programme I had plenty of opportunity and exposure to modern manufacturing. The MDP programme grows and develops you n.."

Philip - 2nd Year MDP based in the East Midlands, UK

"Following graduation from the University of Limerick, I joined PCC on the MDP programme in September 2012. My first 2 assignments were based at our Wyman Gordon Facility in Livingston, Scotland. Wyman produce a range of forged products, primarily focused towards aerospace and energy customers. During my first assignment I was responsible for .."

Nick - MDP Graduate, Isothermal Forge Press Supervisor

"You will be hard-pressed to find an early career opportunity that offers more responsibility, visibility and exposure to operations and technical disciplines than PCC's Management Development Program."

Danielle - Co-Op, MDP Graduate, Manufacturing Supervisor

"I have had great opportunities to develop my professional career at PCC. As a co-op through college, I developed my passion for manufacturing and operations. After graduation, I was hired into the MDP, where I learned how every segment of PCC works. Now, as a full-time manufacturing supervisor, I enjoy applying all my past experience and knowled.."