IMI Employee Profiles

WeiYao Liew , IMI Graduate

"I applied to IMI because it strives for continuous development and improvement, but at the same time it does not compromise its principle of responsible business. The group also puts a lot of emphasis on developing its people. Having been on the global graduate development programme for almost a year now, I’m surprised by how much I’.."

Eveline Sleiman, IMI Graduate

"I applied to IMI because I wanted the global diversity that it provides. To succeed here, you need an open-mind and an eagerness to embrace the unknown – you have to take on challenges that encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. The most surprising thing I have found so far is the willingness from colleagues and senior managem.."

Mohamed Youssef, IMI Graduate

"After graduating from university I was full of energy, motivation and the ‘need to succeed’. However, although I knew I wanted to be an engineer, I didn’t know where I would quite fit. That’s where IMI came in. Not only is it a highly reputable multi-national business that is an expert in niche markets, but I also knew th.."

Alejandra Mendoza-Perez - Project Manager

"Alejandra Mendoza-Perez, Project Manager for IMI Precision Engineering in Las Vegas, USA I was attracted by IMI as it’s a global engineering company and I was looking to have an international career. Just as importantly, IMI is a diversified company within the fluid control business, and I knew that this could give me the opportunity to.."

Axel Peters, IMI Graduate

"For me, the main attraction in joining IMI was the opportunity to develop my professional career globally. My placement in Germany stands out as I was able to communicate and organise a project remotely. This has allowed me to appreciate delegation and the trust that’s there with those I work with. I feel that as a whole the company has.."

Yogini Yogalingam - Product Quality Engineer

"My attitude towards IMI has been fairly consistent throughout the programme. I know that this is the company that I want to be part of. I’ve received incredible support, both from the individual IMI businesses and from IMI centrally. Whenever I have any questions, my managers and colleagues take the time to sit down with me and explain cer.."

Serene Ho - Mechanical Engineering

"What I like about the GGD programme is that my managers and colleagues trust me enough to let me handle things on my own, but are still there to support me when things get rough..."

Hannah Howells - Graduate Scheme

"With IMI plc, I have been able to experience a vast array of diverse engineering applications, something which attracted me to the company initially . . ."

Rodah Ndungu - Chemical Engineering

"IMI has offered me a great career and personal development opportunity . . ."

Daniel Bstieler - Mechatronics

"I like the flexibility of the program and cannot imagine another job which offers so many opportunities at the same time..."