The company and its divisions

Ultra Electronics is a group of businesses which manage a portfolio of specialist capabilities, generating highly differentiated solutions and products in the defence & aerospace, security & cyber, transport & energy markets by applying electronic and software technologies in demanding and critical environments to meet customer needs.

Ultra offers its people a fascinating environment in which they can thrive, valuing innovation, entrepreneurship and agility to drive the business forward.

Major market sectors

Ultra’s businesses have a high degree of operational autonomy where local management teams are responsible for making the most of their expertise in their own specific niches. It is a strategy that enables the individual businesses to provide exceptionally agile and responsive support to customers and partners.

Defence & Aerospace

Ultra supplies advanced electronic and electrical systems and equipment to defence forces around the world. The Group innovates to provide specialist capabilities that are superior to the threat and that are closely matched to the customers environment and need.

Security & Cyber

Driven by the actions of rogue states, terrorist groups and organised crime, governments worldwide are focusing expenditure preferentially on addressing these challenges. Both government functions and commercial enterprises are faced with threats from the cyber domain. Ultra provides highly differentiated systems and capabilities to the broad security, intelligence and cyber market that meet these needs. Ultra has highly specialised capabilities in secure communications, networks and high-grade cryptographic equipment, key management systems and surveillance and intelligence gathering systems.


Demand in all areas of mass transport is being driven by rising populations, nation building spurred on by rapid growth in the world’s developing economies and investment in ageing infrastructure in developed countries. Ultra provides specialist software, systems and equipment for use in mass passenger transport systems. This includes high integrity real-time controls for civil aircraft, advanced IT solutions for modern airports and trackside power equipment for transit rail systems.


Countries around the world are addressing the strategic need to have secure access to increasing amounts of low carbon energy. Ultra has a range of safety critical sensors and controls used in existing and new build nuclear reactors. The Group has innovative portable energy sources powered by readily available propane gas. Ultra also has specialist sensors, derived from defence applications, which are highly effective at hydrocarbon mapping in the underwater environment.

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Manolis, Operations Team Leader

"From day one of joining Ultra Electronics I felt an important part of the business, with its people values..."

The facts

Over 980 students have followed this employer.
World-leading integrator of airport and airline management and information systems.
Internationally successful defence, security, transport and energy company.
Specialises in high integrity real-time control systems for aircraft and vehicle applications.
Ultra supplies advanced cyber security solutions & advanced command and control systems.