Bank of America Merrill Lynch Employee Profiles

Pooja Gulabani - Global Technology Analyst

Pooja Gulabani - Global Technology Analyst

Pooja tells us all about what it's like to work for Bank of America.

Yuhang Zhuang - Assistant Vice President, Global..

"Your manager will work with you on a regular basis to share what you are doing well, what you can improve on and will recommend courses for you to attend."

Ryan Edwards - Assistant Vice President, Global Operations

"I chose Bank of America because I was seeking a company that really fostered long term career development. "

Javier Ochoa - Assistant Vice President, Global Technology

"Bank of America encourages you to network as often as possible so you have connections you can leverage throughout your career."

Jasmine Fontaine - Vice President, Global Technology

"The team I work with is always willing and able to share what they know and provide feedback. "

Beverly D’Souza - Assistant Vice President, Global..

"My bosses and colleagues recognise the work that I do, and it feels good to receive such positive feedback."