" BSc (Hons) Science IBM offer so many types of job roles across various industry sectors and they're constantly finding ways to be innovative . . ."


Technology Consultant


The University of St. Andrews

Degree Subject:

BSc (Hons) Science



Why IBM?

I picked IBM because I wanted a company that was fun and innovative and that offered a lot of graduate opportunities across various industry sectors so it was the perfect match for what I was looking for in terms of career development.

What is your current role?

I am working as a technology consultant and I have done various different roles up to date so I have just moved off of doing a business analyst role and I am currently working as a junior project manager on one of IBM’s larger accounts.

How do you see your career developing?

Because I am currently working as a Junior Project Manager I would like to develop that further and become a senior project manager so I would be more involved in shaping the strategy, the delivery and working with a larger team of guys and be able to acquire skills from them and also share with them what I have learnt so yeah, that should be good!

How does IBM support your career?

IBM supports my career by allowing me to try different job roles over various industry sectors. For example since I have joined IBM I have worked in Banking, I have worked in Retail and I am now working in Government. The roles have been varied from being a tester to a business analyst and even an architectural role and coming from somebody who is not from an IT background IBM gave me all the training that I needed in order to succeed in my role whether it be through online learning or class based training, even the Mentor scheme and what that basically is, is that you get paired with somebody else who has knowledge in that field so in my instance it was another architect and any questions or problems that I had I would just go to him and he would give me help and advise and really make it very easy so I was able to do well in my role.

What do you get involved in outside your day-to-day job?

Because there are a lot of IBMers on the account that I am on based in South Wales there’s lots of clubs, for example there’s a book club, there’s a tennis club, there’s a football club and also things that I have never tried before, there’s a surfing club being set up and even scuba diving! So that was something new to try and there’s always after work dinners and beach BBQs so there’s always lots to do!

What is the best part of the IBM culture?

It’s definitely the people and just how friendly and helpful they are. If I have a question or a query I can log onto the IBM global network and find an IBMer from any country and there’s always that willingness to help and that motivation so it’s great, the culture is brilliant.

Why do you want to stay with IBM?

IBM offer so many types of job roles across various industry sectors and they’re constantly finding ways to be innovative and I find that really inspirational, I see myself staying with IBM for a very long time.

What is your ‘Insider Tip’…?

I think it definitely has to be ‘don’t be afraid to try something new!’ I came from a non-IT background and I am now working as a technology consultant. I have done an architectural role, I have done a project management role, lots of different roles so I think its just trying something new, trying something different and you might be pleasantly surprised!