Accenture Employee Profiles

Coyes Subhan - Consultant

"Accenture succeed in having a very positive impact on hundreds of children's lives and I feel proud to be part of that."

Krupa Ladva - Analyst

"I think the main reason to join Accenture is that you get the opportunity to try lots of different things within one company."

Dean Godfree - Technical Architect Team Leader

"The expertise in Accenture is incredible; I feel really lucky to work and learn from such intelligent people."

Lisa Griffiths - Java Manager

"If you want to work with driven people, where you are constantly challenged to be the best that you can be, then Accenture is a great place to work. "

Lauren Turner - Analyst

"I joined Accenture to gain the best experience with a top company. I definitely made the correct choice as I've achieved and learnt so much."

Naghmeh Namdar - IT Operations Analyst

"My nine months there was very challenging but rewarding at the same time. Thanks to my hard work, it also helped me win a promotion - in my very first year!"

Manreshpal Rai - Analyst

"My advice to graduates would be to seize the fantastic opportunities you receive here, such as the excellent training and mentoring. Right from the word 'go', I was learning - and it hasn't stopped."

Abidemi Ogunbowale-Thomas - Software Engineering Manager

"For a graduate, the Accenture family is perfect to help you develop career skills and become a well-rounded professional."