The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) Employee Profiles

Mélanie - Graduate Research Engineer Programme Management

"I support the management of a Rolls-Royce-led collaborative programme where MTC runs about 30 different projects."

Alex - Graduate Development Engineer - Informatics

"It gives me the opportunity to progress rapidly towards Chartered Engineer status with the support provided on the Further Learning Programme and the Monitored Professional Development Scheme."

James - Graduate Research Engineer

" I was also impressed by the opportunity to spend time in up to four different research themes over two years following this training."

Sharanjeet - BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering

"I work in a team full of interesting and skilful people who I enjoy working with."

Mark - MEng Product Design Engineering with DIS

"I was lucky enough to get a tour of the MTC facilities and realised that something special was going on here."

Justin - BEng - Energy Systems Engineering

"...the level of support and attention given to graduates was remarkable..."

Seema - Year in Industry Student

"I get to work with much better technology and creating something that might help (or better yet change) the internal MTC IT structure."

Ben - Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering

"The graduates at the MTC are treated no different to Research Engineers."

Jenny - Physics

"The MTC is such a dynamic place that in the first week on the graduate programme I had gone from having my introduction to the company on the Monday to being in a meeting with senior client representatives discussing a major project on the Friday"