"Aircraft Engineering with Pilot Studies, University of Salford"

Sean Morson

Fluid/Mechanical Systems Team

I’ve always had an interest in finding out how things work, so from an early age I knew that I wanted a career in engineering. My fascination with Aircraft was also largely influential in my choice of University courses. As a result, I enrolled at the University of Salford to study Aircraft Engineering with Pilot Studies. Not only did the course allow me to appreciate a range of engineering principles, but also gave me some understanding of the relationship between engineering and the interactions of the pilots on the flight deck. In addition, I had the opportunity to take flying lessons each week, which contributed towards a Private Pilots License.

With a degree in my back pocket, I set about applying for graduate positions. I was determined to work within the aerospace industry, putting the skills I had gained at university, and my passion for aviation, to good use.  Woodford Engineering were a relatively new company, which I had heard were growing, and were looking to recruit graduate engineers. I knew that the company was formed by a team of experienced engineers and that working within a team such as this would be the best way for me to develop as an engineer. On enquiring for opportunities at the company I was lucky enough to be offered an interview, and subsequently a position within the Fluid/Mechanical Systems Team.

I have been working at Woodford Engineering since January 2010, and since then I have been involved with many different projects. One of the best things about working at Woodford Engineering is the range of tasks and roles I have been given: this variety not only allows me to meet a range of customers but also helps me gain experience over a wide spectrum of engineering competencies.

Since starting my career at Woodford Engineering, not only have my day-to-day responsibilities been rewarding, but also the way that I have been integrated into the team.  As a graduate I am aware of the importance of my development as an engineer and in the coming years I intend to work towards achieving chartership. It’s great to know I’ve got the support of the company in my professional development.