General Dynamics UK Employee Profiles

Conor - Software Engineer

" I continue to work on data link projects for customers from around the world, and I really enjoy the variety of work as there are always new opportunities"

Charles - Project Manager

"From the very beginning, I have been given responsibilities, including running my own projects under the supervision of experienced Project Managers"

Paul – Software Engineer

"Whilst I have the freedom to develop my own solutions, I am surrounded by subject matter experts."

Robert – Systems Engineer

"It is great to know that my work can directly influence design choices and contribute to delivering a quality solution."

Kirstin – Software Engineer

"I enjoy the wide variety of work I can undertake at General Dynamics UK."

Evan - Systems Engineer

"I joined General Dynamics UK in September 2012 after studying Aerospace Engineering, and from day one was involved in the testing of mission and safety critical systems. Much of my time was spent in the test facility, utilising the same radios and equipment that the British Army use on operations. I quickly became familiar with the Bowman tactic.."

Sean - Support Modeller

"I have been working at General Dynamics United Kingdom for nearly four years.  During my time at General Dynamics UK, I have worked on many different things, from the SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV) project to the Bowman tactical communications programme.  I’ve also participated in the STEM activities the Company regularly undertak.."

Laura - Systems Engineer

"I have been working at General Dynamics UK since September 2012 and during that time I have worked on three projects, including two in R&D and one in support activity.   I have been fortunate that I have been able to apply a lot of mathematical knowledge from my degree and combine it with engineering processes.  As a result, I f.."