James Walker Employee Profiles

Myrto Matzakou - Graduate Engineer

"Why James Walker? Having completed two dissertation projects as well as acquiring hands-on work experience in the industry, I embarked on searching for a role that would allow me to contribute in an active market and feel challenged continuously to explore my own strengths and capabilities. The tour and presentation during my first intervi.."

Simon Mantina - Graduate Leadership & Development Programme

"How long have you been on the Graduate Leadership and Development Programme? 15 months Which University did you attend and what course did you do? University of Leicester – Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons), 1st class Why James Walker? After I was awarded my Bachelors degree, I was very eager to get into a role that I.."

Kieran Yates - Graduate Engineer

"Background (pre-James Walker) For as long as I can remember I have always had an affinity with maths, physics and taking things to pieces (reassembly with mixed success). This led to taking a BEng in Mechanical Engineering and, via my cycling hobby, to a 2 year part-time job as a bicycle mechanic. I was attracted to James Walker as there.."