Spirax Sarco Employee Profiles

Petros Vlamis - Graduate Development Programme

"I believe this is the best graduate scheme in structure, ideal for young engineers..."

Chola Shanyinde - Year In Industry

"As part of the placement programme, we were given training to become STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassadors."

Rebecca Carter - Year In Industry

"The year has been a great opportunity and I would recommend it to any other young engineers."

Lucas Grech - Graduate Programme

"I have found Spirax Sarco to be a company that appreciates and recognises good work, and gives you the freedom and encouragement to follow and implement your own ideas."

Ciara O’Sullivan - Graduate Programme

"There is a lot of training, coaching, regular catch ups and a working culture where colleagues genuinely try to make sure you are working on and involved with as many interesting projects as possible."

Ian Clargo - Year in Industry

"I love the variation of work offered by Spirax Sarco - to be working in Research but only be a stone throw away from the manufacturing plant really puts the whole company into context and gives you an insight into the entire process."

Tabitha Mainstone - Year in Industry

"I was surprised at the amount of responsibility that I was given with my projects and it makes it apparent that you really are contributing something to the company."