PA Consulting Group Employee Profiles

Bethany Keith - Engineering

"What with PA being performance orientated, it’s possible to progress really quickly through the company"

Duncan Steen - MSc Applied Mathematics

" I’m hoping to continue working on projects that stretch my experience and expertise in energy analytics"

Harriet Sneddon - Information Management

"I was promoted within 9 months of joining PA, which epitomises everything I love about working here"

Connor Emerton - Materials Science

"Having extensively researched PA, I was excited by the range of possibilities available to employees"

Angela Rotherham - MEng Electrical and Electronic..

"Why I chose PA Initially, it was the opportunity to work with smart grids and network innovation that really appealed to me. And after researching PA I was really impressed by the variety of work they had previously been involved with – and the fantastic client feedback they received. The excellent CVs of my potential future colleagues, .."

Lewis Anderson - IT Management

"The people here are brilliant. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming"

Matthew Hartley - Medical and Mechanical Engineering

"You’re very much in control of your own progression and what direction you take your career in"

Vlad Revici - MEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering

"By providing a fantastic environment, I’ve been able to improve my skills across the board"

Gavin Glorieux - Computer Science

"Why I chose PA PA offers you the opportunity to work on all different types of projects for a range of clients, enabling you to gain experience in different fields of expertise. This was something that really appealed to me. I knew that by joining PA, I’d get to work with great people on interesting projects, while being offered a good l.."

Kishan Dosa - Mathematics and Computer Science

"Why I chose PA I found the people at PA were incredibly interesting to talk to, diverse and clearly intelligent throughout the recruitment process, so I knew that as soon as I joined I would be working with incredibly high performing teams and individuals. On-boarding allowed me the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people joining the com.."

Callum - BSc (Hons) Computing at Bournemouth University

"I’m constantly being challenged and really feel like a valued member of the team"

Thomas Brevik - Analyst

"I’m constantly being challenged and given new responsibilities"

Clark Clissiah - Global Energy & Utilities Consultant..

"The freedom I’ve been given has been such an opportunity"

Kathy Tranpic - FDS Consultant Analyst

"I didn’t want to take the traditional route into academia after getting my physics degree"

Sophie Mear - Analyst, Technology Practice (Electronic..

" Sophie studied Engineering at Cardiff University"