Arqiva Employee Profiles

Stephanie Markwell - Graduate Programme

"What has been your biggest achievement so far? I was working on Telemetry issues in Terrestrial Broadcast requested by broadcast managers and analysed the data to see where problems lie. I created the reports myself and made some in depth analysis before sending it off to my manager and the broadcast manager. My work was really well receive.."

Alex Handley - Graduate Programme

"The culture at Arqiva is great. The company values have been taken up whole heartedly by the staff and you can really tell just by walking around. Everybody is friendly and takes the time to explain things that you don’t understand; which makes asking questions easier. What have you learnt from the Graduate programme? The Graduate .."

James Williams - Graduate Programme

"What does a typical day look like? My typical day usually starts with a large porridge with all the toppings from the staff canteen. I spend my time working on a number of development projects, everything from linear streaming solutions, application development, VOD or monitoring solutions. We have regular team meetings to catch up and know.."

Alina Suiu – Antenna Systems Engineering Intern

"During my Internship, I learnt a lot of new things, from a new programming language to real antenna design to ways cloud computing can be used to help the team. The internship was as advertised: challenging and fun with a lot of opportunity to learn. The highlight of my internship was assisting a helicopter test in Mendip and taking a tour of.."

Lex Sandeford - Digital Platforms Intern

"I have learnt so much more than I would have learnt at University.  Not only did I gather technical skills (in web development), but I also learnt about business strategy (such as the Agile model), good coding discipline, and better personal organisational skills. As an Electronic and Electrical Engineering student, seeing high level pro.."

Ryan Wibberley - Multiplex & Baseband Intern

"The position was initially based at Crawley Court, but I was pleasantly surprised of the opportunities to travel.  During the placement I have been based in the Feltham Media Centre for 4 of the 6 weeks, working on various projects. Over the 6 weeks of my placement I have been involved with COM 5,6,7,8 on the Feltham site.  Various .."

Sneha Gopee - IP Engineering Intern

"Being part of Arqiva has also allowed me to travel a lot and visit different of their own sites and I got to see all of the equipment and was even given the chance to work on them. I also had the privilege to go into the MCR (Master Control Room) where all the different TV channels are being monitored on screen. One of my most memorable memories.."