Procter & Gamble Employee Profiles

Amruta - Information Technology

Amruta - Information Technology

Hear how Amruta helped redesign an innovation lab that enables teams to translate big data into key insights.

Niro - Engineering

Niro - Engineering

See how Niro is using new process breakthroughs and technologies to transform the diaper industry.

Ivy - Product Supply - Market Initiative Leader

"P&G invest hugely on its employees, and strongly encourage all its employees to learn continuously, both job specific development and personally."

Corina - Information Security – Audit Governance,..

"If anything goes bad it's my job to realise that fast, get things back on track, articulate any existing risk to the managers and ask for any needed help."

Marc - Information Technology

"As a new joiner you will be encouraged to challenge the status quo, innovate and influence your leaders."

Pia Osseforth - Technology Engineer

" MEng (Hons) Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering At Procter & Gamble there truly are a wide variety of roles which offer exciting challenges . . ."