" MEng (Hons) Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering At Procter & Gamble there truly are a wide variety of roles which offer exciting challenges . . ."

Pia Osseforth

Technology Engineer

University: University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Degree Studied: MEng (Hons) Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Entry route to P&G: Full time entry after 2.5 years of working experience

Current Role: Technology Engineer

Location: Seaton Delaval Plant, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Current Responsibilities:

During my first assignment at P&G I worked as a Process Engineer on our new technology fragrance packing lines. Here we produce and pack fragrances such as Hugo Boss, Lacoste and D&G.

My responsibilities in this role were to ensure my equipment (the bottle filler) ran with a high reliability and a low number of stoppages. This effectively means that the machine should not stop for any reason other then changing to a different product. For this I had to ensure that the machine is kept in its best possible condition and that our operators are trained to do their job correctly.

I was leading different teams to solve problems and subsequently had to capture and document the learnings and then train these out to team members. This was an exciting and challenging role also offering exposure to senior management. During this time I frequently interacted with other departments within P&G such as planning, material supply and new product initiatives.

During the introduction of new initiatives and new products to the lines, machine settings had to be calculated from material specifications to ensure the new product could be produced to be presented on the shelves for our customers as planned.

After working for 2 years in this assignment I recently changed my role and am now working as a Technology Engineer in our Engineering Department.  In this role I am responsible for delivering projects safely, in time, on budget and meeting our previously agreed success criteria. These success criteria could be to ensure the new equipment immediately starts up right first time and with very high reliability. Additionally we have to ensure that our staff are sufficiently trained and able to operate the new equipment.

To deliver this I have to manage different people such as our own technicians, contractors and other peer engineers. Additionally I have to manage the budgets and ensure all necessary parts are delivered on time to ensure the installation can go ahead as previously planned.

At Procter & Gamble there truly are a wide variety of roles which offer exciting challenges.