Network Rail Employee Profiles

Charlotte Mace - Civil and Environmental Engineering

"I didn't realise how much Network Rail invest in new technologies to improve their business."

Johanthan Bowey - Commercial Property

"I felt that Network Rail would create a somewhat more involved and hands-on introduction to the property industry"

Samantha Blackmore - Information Management (IT)

"I’m always being challenged and being given work that’ll help me move onwards and upwards"

Shingai Mutukwa - Mechanical Engineering

"I have discovered new skills and have set out a career path "

Myles Gatherer - Civil Engineering

"I try to take as much as I can from every situation, and never miss an opportunity to enhance and bolster my skills"

Stuart Witts - Project Engineer

"I got a lot of responsibility, respect, autonomy and exposure to a huge variety of work . . ."

Ian Coleman - Mechanical Engineer

"On Network Rails IMechE-accredited programme, I knew I'd get to experience a huge variety of modules . . ."

Alison Barker - Electrification & Plant Engineer

"I asked to extend my placement from six to ten weeks because I was enjoying it so much . . ."