Shell Employee Profiles

Cecila - Process Engineer

"Shell first captured my interest when I was at university and they came over to present the Shell Personal Development Award"

Simon - Reservoir Engineer

"I’m one of Shell’s Reservoir Engineers, in charge of managing a cluster consisting of three different fields . . ."

Felix - Mechanical Engineering

"As one of the world's leading oil producing and trading companies Shell is highly active in many areas of fascinating research"

Yemi - Oil and Gas Management

"I was interested in working for a multinational company, but there are so many out there it was a difficult decision"

Helena - Environmental Science (Ecotoxicity and..

"I was working in a research institute, on a project in remediation of deep water, where Shell was one of the sponsors"

Douglas - Mechanical Engineering

"During my studies in France, I visited the Shell research centre in Risjwijk and I l became fascinated with their drilling technologies"