Centrica Employee Profiles

Debbie Brown - Process Engineer

Debbie Brown - Process Engineer

Hear about Debbie's role at Centrica!

Ajai Ahluwalia - Electrical Engineer

Ajai Ahluwalia - Electrical Engineer

Hear about Ajai and his role at Centrica

James Eyton - Engineering Summer Placement

"I spent my summer placement working as a wind turbine engineer in the Centrica Energy Renewables Asset Integrity team (a mouthful I know…). The team sits in Windsor but supports site maintenance teams who work on the Centrica wind farms in Aberdeenshire and Lincolnshire. The team purpose is to ensure that the way that they operate and loo.."

Laura Peach - Graduate Mechanical Engineer

"Laura graduated in July 2011 with a MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield. She started her Centrica journey in June 2010 as a summer placement student on the General Management programme working in an analyst role. Following her successful placement in Centrica Midstream she was invited to apply to the graduate p.."

Vida Odoi - Electrical Engineer

" MEng Electronics & Microelectronic Systems Engineering She is currently working in Asset Integrity (Power Generation) on Arc Flash"

Blae Quayle - Geoscientist

" Earth Sciences Part of the Oxford campus recruitment team, involved in running events to attract new applicants to Centrica"

Tara Abachi - Asset Analyst

" MEng Mechanical Engineering Since joining the programme, she has produced a bolt management procedure for the engineering . . ."

Bobby Daswani - Reservoir Engineer

" MEng Chemical Engineering Since joining the programme, he has managed and delivered a process unit to the gas terminals - seeing the project . . . "

Rosie Firth - Process Engineer

"The time I have spent on the summer placement has allowed me to improve my confidence in my ability as an engineer . . ."

Callum McIver - Electrical Placement

"The placement has allowed me to develop some of the real life skills necessary for any job . . ."

Bill Hart - Mechanical Engineering Intern

"Since joining the internship nearly ten weeks ago, my practical knowledge of a power station has considerably improved . . ."