CGI Employee Profiles

Jake - DevOps

" The project was exciting as I know that it’s making a huge impact every single day, across the whole of Europe."

Mike Thorpe - FC BISA KPI Manager

"I don’t have a “typical working day”. My current selection of responsibilities means that every day is different."

Myles Curry - IT Developer

"My colleagues are great. I can honestly say that I would not enjoy my role half as much if the people I work with were not as welcoming, helpful and similarly minded. "

Sana Gull - Infrastructure Stabilisation Team

"My first role within CGI was a functional testing role and then I moved onto junior business analyst role. "

Andrew - Industrial Placement

" Since joining I’ve gained valuable experience and insight into systems testing which involved executing test-scripts and logging the outcomes for analysis. "

Matt Wood - Consultant

"Why did you choose to apply for work at CGI? They were offering the role I was looking for, and had some interesting stories to read on the graduate recruitment website, from creating the automated ticketing system for the London Underground to delivering the world’s first text message! What sort of training and development have y.."