GSK Employee Profiles

Alicia - Graduate Electrical Engineer

"When deciding which jobs I wanted to apply for after leaving university, I knew that working for a global company like GSK would present lots of opportunities. I haven’t been proved wrong. Since joining, I have been given the time to explore different areas, go on training courses, and take on challenges that I feel are developing me pr.."

Matt - Head Supply Chain

"I've always been clear about my ultimate career aspirations. The business has allowed me to continue my personal progress and deliver for the business."

Kanheya - Head Engineering Technology

"I’ve frequently been empowered to make decisions. Sometimes they’ve been the wrong decisions, but you’re allowed to learn from your mistakes"

Hui - Materials Science Graduate

"I’ve worked on one of the world’s best known brands, Horlicks, contributing to changing manufacturing processes"

Yannick - Medicinal Chemist

"I’m only one phone call from all kinds of scientific knowledge, from biology to pharmacology and computational chemistry."

Charlotte - Medicinal Chemist

"Career progression here is directly related to your contribution, rather than just qualifications. You get out what you put in."

Sean - Manufacturing

"During my time here I have found that no matter who you talk to, people try to help and assist you. . ."

Kay - Industrial Placement

"I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the fact that people are always encouraged to broaden their skill base . . . "