How to impress at interviews

  • Ensure that your answerphone message sounds professional.
  • If you have been asked to call at a specific time, call at exactly the right time.
  • If the recruiter’s line is busy, leave a message.
  • If you will be using a mobile, ensure it is charged and you have a good signal.
  • Never place the interviewer on speaker-phone.
  • Speak clearly and into the mouthpiece. Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum.

Revisit your research into the company prior to your interview. Go to their Company Hub on to see if anything new has happened since you applied and refer back to your notes in the Shortlist.

  • Prepare answers to competency questions - see page 74.
  • Prepare questions that show your interest in the company such as their expansion plans or the progress of an ongoing project.
  • Do not ask about holidays or benefits - these will be mentioned when appropriate.
  • Wear business dress and ensure you are presentable.
  • Allow plenty of time for your journey.
  • Switch off your mobile and stay calm and smile.
  • Try to remember the interviewers’ names, if unsure, do not be afraid to ask. Only use their first name if they ask you to.
  • Take a moment to collect your thoughts before answering a question.
  • Ask about personal development such as career progression.
  • Thank the interviewers for their time at the end of the interview. Ask what the next step is and when you are likely to hear if you have been successful.