Hacking good time for teenage cancer trust

Added: 16th December 2016 by Sky Betting & Gaming

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Security-savvy Sky Betting & Gaming employees raised over £800 for Teenage Cancer Trust this week when they joined a company Hack Day designed around our new Bug Bounty Programme.

Bug Bounty, which has become a success story among some of the world's biggest tech companies including Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, Reddit, and Square allows developers, product owners and other eager hackers to discover and resolve bugs before the general public is aware of them, preventing incidents of widespread abuse, with cash awarded for the severity of the bug.

Those taking part in the Charity Special Hack Day agreed to donate all bounties awarded on the day to the company’s corporate charity for the year, Teenage Cancer Trust. The hackers were given expert advice from HackerOne’s Russell Coleman, including advice on starting out with ‘basics of bug hunting’ for beginners.

Each bug was rewarded with a cash amount of up to £1500, with all funds raised going straight to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Dan Adams, Web Application Security Specialist and the brain child behind Bug Bounty’s Hack Day commented:

"The bounty programme has been invaluable for us as a security team, in spotting a number of security vulnerabilities with our services, in a way that allows us to fix them before they are spotted and exploited by anyone intending us harm. A number of employees have made very substantial amounts of money in bounty rewards and approached us to request a charity hack day as a way of giving back. We are extremely proud of the culture at Sky Betting & Gaming that this demonstrates. I'd like to thank all participating hackers as well as to Russel from HackerOne, who travelled from San Francisco to meet up with us."

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