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Added: 5th January 2017 by MThree Consulting

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I joined the Alumni programme at Morgan Stanley, after graduating from McGill University in Montreal with majors in Finance and Accounting. As someone with a keen and applied interest in scripting/programming to go with my business background, the opportunity to work in a technology environment for a bulge bracket was appropriate and exciting.

There is a steep learning curve, but it is interesting to learn about the different aspects of the business in the beginning before specialising in a certain area. My specialty is Equity Derivatives and Risk, a division that was created in Montreal a few weeks before I joined.

After four weeks of intense technical/business training from MThree Consulting I was ready to be deployed onsite. Initially, a large part of the business related training I received was carried out by my managers and colleagues located in existing departments overseas in regions like the New York, London and Hong Kong. At first, forming a working relationship with people I would not meet in person very often seemed slightly daunting. That is because I underestimated the impressive infrastructure the company has in place worldwide, making it easy to collaborate on issues regardless of their geographical location. I look forward to hearing about the warm climate from my colleagues in Mexico once the unforgiving Montreal winter comes upon us.

On a typical day, I will normally collaborate with the European desks in the morning, Asia in the evening and Americas throughout the day. Our desks are typically well supported around the clock, but occasionally there will be instances where it is tough to keep up with issues where teams that are located overseas must be a part of the solution, and are unavailable. That is why having a strong technical foundation is important to ensure we are competent enough to at least provide temporary relief to any such problems, before working on more sustainable solutions. Obviously, a lot of that comes with experience and working with bright people that can push you past where you think your own boundaries may be.

Something that might be good to keep in mind for anyone considering an opportunity like this is to be willing to ask questions. Obviously do as much due diligence as possible on your own to find the answer, as that in itself is a skill that will help in your career. But if you’re still curious, do not hesitate to ask your colleague in New York or London, as you will realise that people are often very willing to share knowledge and their experiences. As they say, there is no substitute for experience. 

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