RAPTOR has partnered with TATA STEEL

Added: 14th June 2018 by U-POL

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U-POL, the UK’s leading producer of protective coatings, has teamed up with Tata Steel to provide the Commercial Vehicle sector with what’s being heralded as a ‘game changer’ of a lightweight system that can be used in the production of HGV trailers and the lining of LCVs. Tata Steel is one of the world’s leading steel manufacturers, and they turned to us to supply them with our non-slip Raptor protective coating to complete their Coretinium® product – Tata Steel's innovative and highly durable system developed to dramatically save vital weight to maximise a vehicle's available payload, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Coretinium®, the combination of a high performance polymer honeycomb centre sandwiched between steel sheeting, replaces heavy plywood traditionally used for flooring and sidewalls in the production of HGV trailers and LCV lining. Once coated with Raptor - produced at U-POL’s factory in Wellingborough - the combined product delivers a complete lightweight and non-slip structure, ensuring the ultimate in durability without adding weight. Completely water tight and U.V. resistant, Raptor is highly durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. Its flexible formulation handles impacts without cracking and, aided by its versatility to be finished in smooth to rough anti-slip, its diversity makes it ideal for practically all applications across countless sectors.

CEO Guy Williams, said: “Having continually developed and pioneered new products for over 70 years, U-POL has a heritage like no other in our industry. The benefits of saving weight wherever possible is paramount, particularly in the production of commercial vehicles. The combination of its strength, durability and weight-saving abilities makes the Coretinium®/Raptor combination a certain game changer in this area. The perfect protective finish enhanced with our non-slip traction additive means it’s the ultimate lightweight and health and safety compliant product.”

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