Ocado reveals near zero food waste levels

Added: 9th October 2018 by Ocado

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  • Online retailer publishes total food waste figure of 0.02% – just 1 in 6,000 items
  • Ocado redistributed 2,200 tonnes of fresh and ambient food in 2017 alone
  • Ocado’s unique business model gives customers more time at home to enjoy food

Today, online supermarket Ocado has published its food waste figures for the first time, revealing an incredibly low figure of 0.02%, or just 1 in 6,000 food items wasted. With Brits binning 7.3 million tonnes of food and drink every year, Ocado is doing its best to reduce food waste inside their supply chain, as well as in their customer’s homes.

Suzanne Westlake, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Ocado:

“Our business model is built around efficiency and low waste. By continually improving our technology, processes, and our relationships with suppliers, we’ve been able to reduce our food waste to practically zero – I believe we have the lowest total food waste figures in our industry. Now we’re helping customers reduce their food waste at home too, by giving them more time to keep fresh food in the fridge.”

The online retailer packs every bag of shopping in one of their three futuristic warehouses – buildings filled with incredible technology, which they call Customer Fulfilment Centres. Fresh food can arrive directly from suppliers and be sent out for delivery in one of their signature brightly-coloured vans in as little as five hours.

Chilled food is constantly kept at the correct temperature, from supplier right up to the customer’s doorstep, which also helps keep products fresher for longer. This highly efficient business model, coupled with a ferocious commitment to fighting food waste, is the reason why the retailer’s food waste is so low.

Part of the business’ strategy to eliminate edible food waste is to focus on increasing product life for customers, to help give them more time to use up food. A recent chilled and bakery products project increased the shelf life at home for customers by at least 1 day, and on average by over 50% for two thirds of the range.

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