Custom Interconnect Ltd has been shortlisted in the Elektra Awards for 2018

Added: 10th December 2018 by Custom Interconnect

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Custom Interconnect Ltd is delighted to announce it has again been shortlisted in the Elektra Awards for 2018.

The nomination is for “Manufacturer of the Year” when CIL experienced 40% growth.

Throughout the 12 months since the last Elektra Awards Finals that CIL attended, we have seen a number of projects we have been working on for many years start to go into production volumes. This, coupled with significant business returning to the UK after being unsuccessfully manufactured offshore, led to an outstanding year for CIL.

It resulted in 40% growth, and more than doubling its previous year profits. Headcount increased by 30 staff and equipment investments included Selective Soldering, MICRONIC SMT placement line, TAKAYA flying probe test, DAGE QUADRA 5 X-Ray with CT Scan and 3 x DEK SMT printers.

We also installed multiple new software systems to assist with component sourcing in what has been the most difficult sourcing period anyone can remember. Without these advanced component sourcing tools, CIL would have found sourcing very difficult and all of CIL customers have taken advantage of it. As we are now in the next financial period, the growth has gone on unabated and more equipment, systems and staff increases are planned.

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