Excellent Progress for Farrans at BAE Systems in Glasgow

Added: 4th January 2019 by Farrans Construction

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In recent months, the BAE Systems site investment project has taken huge steps forward, reaching a number of key milestones.

In early summer, the Arch cofferdam was completed, sealing off the River Clyde to provide a safe working environment.

Following the arch installation, Farrans moved into the major demolition works of the dock walls and floor.

These are required to allow reconfiguration of the existing dock walls and to allow the installation of a new 300t flap gate that will aid BAE Systems’ vessel docking process.

All demolition works are being carried out by a specialist sub-contractor with all demolition material being removed in skips by the Farrans 'Claude Monique' barge and a 150t crane, before being placed on lorries at the top dock level.

Farrans Project Manager at BAE Systems, Patrick Murray, said the team are looking forward to the next phase of the works.

“The project has been progressing well, with the next major programme task being the completion of the excavation of the dock floor down to -10m, allowing the new concrete sill and wall configuration to commence,” Patrick explained.

The Farrans team has been working closely with BAE Systems on-site in Scotstoun and Govan since last year, as part of the multi-million pound marine project.

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