Parexel and Datavant Partner to Deliver Advanced Data and Real-World Evidence Analytics

Added: 4th January 2019 by Parexel

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Parexel International Corporation, a leading innovator of global biopharmaceutical services, and Datavant, Inc., a healthcare technology company focused on enabling the secure de-identification and linking of healthcare datasets, today announced they are partnering to enhance clinical study design and operations, as well as the generation of real-world evidence. As part of Parexel’s focus on providing innovative scientific and clinical data strategies, the collaboration will enable the linking of healthcare data from a variety of real-world and clinical study data sources to improve drug development and commercialisation processes.

“As clinical study complexity increases, data-driven protocol design, optimised study operations, and the application of real-world data are critical to successful and safe drug development and commercialisation. The exponential growth of healthcare data offers both an opportunity to incorporate this wealth of data into the clinical study processes and commercial evidence generation, and a challenge, given the disparate sources where a patient’s healthcare data may be contained,” said Jason Martin, Corporate Vice President, Global Data Operations, Parexel. “Partnering with Datavant will allow Parexel to optimise clinical studies and real-world evidence generation using techniques that represent a true inflection point in how information will be consolidated in our industry.”

Datavant’s technology enables the linking of traditional healthcare data sources including electronic medical records (EMRs), claims, and diagnostics with additional emerging sources, such as genomics, socioeconomic data, data from wearable devices, behavioural data and more. The two companies also aim to advance hybrid study delivery to help life science companies more effectively generate evidence and demonstrate product value.

The relationship builds upon Parexel’s four-pillared real-world data approach that integrates data access, advanced technologies, data science capabilities, and clinical and consulting expertise. A recent report released by the Economist Intelligence Unit and commissioned by Parexel found that drugs developed using real-world data had a 21 percent higher likelihood of launch, and real-world data studies resulted in reduced recruitment time. The report also identified advanced data analytics - including sharing of data across established siloes – as a key enabler to innovation in drug development and commercialisation.

“Data silos cause significant hurdles to utilising healthcare data to improve patient care. Datavant’s technology offerings, coupled with Parexel’s wealth of expertise and years of experience in clinical study operations, real-world evidence generation, and working with multiple real-world data sources provide an opportunity to answer some of the most difficult questions in drug development and commercialisation for the ultimate benefit of patients,” said Travis May, co-founder and CEO, Datavant.

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