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What does it mean to be a Lendlease graduate? Our Grad Life series finds out first-hand. This week, we caught up with: Neelam Kundi, Development Graduate

Neelam Kundi, 23, is Graduate Assistant Development Project Manager and lives in London.

I chose Lendlease because...

It’s one of the best companies in the property development sector. Lendlease provides you with the opportunity to make your voice heard and support your growth. The graduate scheme is well structured allowing you to learn all about the business and be part of different teams throughout the two years.

I'm currently responsible for...

Managing wayfinding – how people orient themselves in a physical space and navigate from place to place – and the Park Pavilion at Elephant Park as part of my role in the Public Ream and Infrastructure team. I’m also a champion for our virtual reality room (the VRoom) here at the park.

I found the recruitment process...

Different! The second stage of the process involves video recording your answers. My advice is to do your research on Lendlease’s core values and when you record your answers be relaxed, take your time and smile.

The training I've received so far...

Has included sessions for presenting and negotiating with impact. They’ve both been very useful in providing techniques and skills for me to use every day in the workplace. I’ve also received training for our virtual reality room, which has allowed me to utilise the technology for design team meetings and showcase our development to key stakeholders.

Lendlease is a place for me because...

Every day is different. Each task comes with its own challenges and is also at a different stage, meaning my management role varies from design through to delivery.

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