Novelis Unveils Annual Milestones Achieved in Support of its Company Purpose, Shaping a Sustainable World Together

Added: 21st January 2019 by Novelis

Novelis Inc., the world leader in aluminum rolling and recycling, published its Fiscal Year 2018 Sustainability Report today. The report articulates the company's purpose of "Shaping a Sustainable World Together" through a global commitment to the products it makes and the people it serves.

A highlight of the company's environmental stewardship is that its production output in the fiscal year was comprised of 57 percent recycled content. This is an increase of two percent over the prior year and marks a steady rise since the metric was formally tracked at a baseline of 30 percent (an average of FY07–09 performance).

In addition, since our FY07-09 baseline, the company has reduced water usage by 28 percent from 3.7 to 2.6 cubic meters per metric ton of product. Also during this timeframe, the company has continued to curb its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), reducing carbon dioxide emissions from 21 million metric tons to 15.8 million metric tons, a 25 percent reduction; with a 5 percent reduction in FY18 alone.

In FY18, the company also decreased annual waste sent to landfills by nearly 30 percent (7.5 to 5.3 kilograms per metric ton of product) with a more modest reduction in energy intensity over the prior year with a 1 percent reduction (9.63 to 9.38 gigajoules per metric ton).

"Our sustainability achievements measured against established multi-year metrics underscore why we look to our corporate purpose as a guiding principle in all we do," said Novelis President and CEO Steve Fisher. "This progress is all about making every phase of our business operations more sustainable and efficient. By reducing our dependence on precious natural resources, our business can prosper far into the future, along with our customers and communities."

Given the infinitely-recyclable properties of aluminum, recycling aluminum produces about 95 percent fewer GHG emissions and requires about 95 percent less energy than primary aluminum production. These properties enable Novelis to achieve lower emissions and drive sustainable value across its business segments of beverage can, automotive and high-end specialties.

For example, Novelis recycles approximately 65 billion used beverage cans a year, returning them to store shelves in approximately 60 days. In the automotive space, Novelis helps customers achieve their sustainability goals through scrap metal collection and closed-loop recycling.

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