New Ultramodern CGG Facility Boasts Secure and Cost-Effective Storage of Reservoir Fluids and Gas Samples

Added: 23rd May 2019 by CGG

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Smart Data Solutions, part of CGG’s Geoscience division, has opened a new state-of-the-art reservoir fluids and gas sample storage facility in Schulenburg, just west of Houston, Texas. To ensure the integrity of stored sample assets, the purpose-built 60,000 cu. ft. facility is securely enclosed and video-monitored. It also offers the latest in automated fire protection security and spill containment, all delivered in a cost-effective, state-of-the-art storage solution.

Combined with the existing 23 storage buildings and laboratory, CGG offers oil and gas companies over 4 million cubic feet of storage capacity and associated services for long-term, high-volume oil and gas asset sample storage, all under one roof. The facility design prioritizes lower storage costs and optimized storage allocation in a variety of controlled conditions (frozen, chilled, A/C and ambient environments), making these facilities an excellent location for E&P companies to locate their entire sample inventories.

Instant data access, online searching, reporting and ordering of samples is enabled by CGG’s PleXus system, an integrated system of records with associated chain of custody tracking.

Data professionals face an inordinate volume of data from multiple disciplines, in a range of media types and formats, with an array of data ontology and housed in a variety of data models. The adjective challenging is an understatement!

PleXus is a single portal uniting this disparate blend of data from multiple sources and models with an interface which is user friendly and easy to use. Its purpose is to simplify the complexities of exploration and production data management and ensure effective long term data governance

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