CGG GeoSoftware Supports Geoscience Training with Renewal of HampsonRussell Software Donation to Portugal’s IST University

Added: 23rd May 2019 by CGG

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GeoSoftware University Partnership Program

GeoSoftware, part of CGG’s Geoscience Division, has renewed the donation of its HampsonRussell seismic reservoir characterization software to CERENA, a research centre of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) University in Lisbon, Portugal. CERENA supports IST’s MSc course in Petroleum Engineering with teaching and research in areas relating to oil and gas exploration and production, including the characterization of petroleum reservoirs.

Every year CGG signs a number of cooperation agreements worldwide granting for academic purposes data characterization and processing software licenses free of charge. Supporting graduate programs throughout the world, the donation program addresses technological advancements and research in reservoir characterization. In emerging countries, software donations are often accompanied by logistical help and donations of computer equipment.

GeoSoftware has been donating its HampsonRussell software for research and training purposes since 1987. Currently, CGG is in partnership with 116 Universities worldwide, one in four being in an emerging country. With about $500 million at market value allocated in software donations in 2017 alone, this is a meaningful contribution.

MSc and PhD students at university use the software to learn and develop reservoir characterization techniques on real-world data and conduct further research into seismic inversion. At the same time, they gain valuable skills for their future careers with prospective industry employers.

As part of its strong commitment to social responsibility, CGG is keen to play a positive and active role in the communities that host its geophysical activities and permanent centres, in particular seeking wherever possible to recruit and train staff native to its countries of operations.

The oil and gas industry is facing a growing shortage of qualified staff, principally due to its ageing workforce. As an international geoscience company operating in more than 30 countries worldwide, it is vital for our own future that we invest in the next generation of STEM graduates.

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