CGG Announces Collaboration with Microsoft to Deliver Cloud Based Geoscience Data and Technologies

Added: 7th June 2019 by CGG

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CGG is pleased to announce collaboration with Microsoft to deliver its geoscience products, data and services on Microsoft Azure and accelerate exploration and development workflows for its oil and gas company clients.

Through Azure, oil and gas companies across the globe will have access to CGG’s extensive library of geoscience data, and high-end interpretation, analysis and reservoir characterisation software technologies. Clients will also be able to take advantage of the optimised hosting of CGG’s E&P data management solutions.

Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO, CGG, said: “Digitalisation is rapidly advancing in the oil and gas industry with more and more geoscience data and software converging onto a common cloud platform. This will enable deeper insight through global collaboration, increased efficiency, and the development of new E&P workflows. Integration with industry-leading platforms and environments is core to CGG’s digitalisation strategy, and our collaboration with Microsoft will enable our Microsoft Azure clients to make faster and better decisions, by efficiently integrating our data, technology and services into their own digitalisation solutions.”

Ça?layan Arkan, Global Lead for Manufacturing and Resources Industry at Microsoft said, “We are pleased to work with CGG in bringing its geoscience expertise to its clients while benefitting from the power of Microsoft Azure. CGG’s know-how and experience with high-performance computing, big data, and advanced digital and geoscience technologies, combined with Azure, promise to accelerate digital transformation in the Oil & Gas industry.”

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