The Ideal Candidate

Hannah @ Gradcracker says...

Here you’ll find advice from a range of our employers. The advice from each employer is specific to them. However, no matter who you’re applying to, there are certain things that every employer will look for. For a quick overview, simply click the box below.

The Ideal Candidate - 'The Basics'
"STEM candidates are essential to our business"
Zurich - video
Leading insurance company Zurich is looking for people with your skills – find out what makes you their ideal candidate.
Are you a team player?
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team - video
Ellie, HR Assistant at Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, tells students how they can stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that they're a team player during the application process.
What could differentiate you from your competition?
ABB Ltd - video
ABB's head of recruitment, Jackie, gives some great advice on how to stand out during the application process.
STFC's three top tips
Science & Technology Facilities Council - video
Find out what you can do to really impress recruiters at the Science & Technology Facilities Council – from Early Careers Talent Acquisition Manager, Ben Bealing.
Is there a place for you at INEOS?
INEOS - podcast
"We recruit a whole bunch of STEM graduates. As long as you're numerate with a technical degree then we will look at your application." – Annie Collins from INEOS.
How to shine through
Tesco - podcast
Jamie, Software Development Manager, explains what Tesco are looking for, and why you should apply.
What we look for
EY - blog
Discover what strengths EY looks for in candidates during the application process.
"We focus more on 'fit' and potential."
Capital One - blog
Discover exactly what Capital One is looking for in its future graduates – so that you can stand out from the crowd.
What does SSE look for in a candidate?
SSE - podcast
SSE graduates Michael and Craig explain how you can impress SSE during the application process.
Advice for future BOC candidates
BOC - podcast
Jeremy and Charlie, BOC graduates, give future BOC candidates advice on what you need to consider before the experience starts.
"Talk about your passions."
Mott MacDonald - podcast
Early Careers Talent Acquisition Advisor, Roopali, tells Carla her top tips for future Mott MacDonald applicants.
"Be up for trying new things."
Metaswitch - podcast
Andrew, Alice and George, Metaswitch graduates, share their hints and tips for those who are thinking about applying.
What do you need to be a Patent Attorney?
Mewburn Ellis LLP - video
We speak to Intellectual Property firm Mewburn Ellis about what you need to embark on a career as a Patent Attorney.
What do I need to become an Engineering Officer?
Royal Air Force - video
Keith Edge, from Engineering Recruitment in the Royal Air Force, describes what you need to apply for one of their Engineering Officer roles.
What transferable skills do you have?
Taylor Wessing - video
"STEM students have a huge range of skills that can be transferred into the legal profession" – Alice Hasted, Graduate Talent Advisor at Taylor Wessing. Find out what they are!
"What you study is irrelevant!"
Experian - video
Experian is looking for students and graduates from all STEM disciplines. Find out why, and exactly what they're looking for in potential candidates.
How to be the ideal candidate for Mott MacDonald
Mott MacDonald - podcast
Mott MacDonald graduates give us advice on what it takes to be the ideal Mott MacDonald candidate.
Growth mindset is so important at GSK
GlaxoSmithKline - video
As young people in a well established business, it's easy to get caught up in routines – people will say "we've always done it that way..." Young people have a big responsibility to question "why?". Hear from Sam Evans, Commercial Graduate at GSK.
"We do not have an ideal candidate"
Tesco - podcast
Oliver, Senior Product Manager, describes what Tesco looks for in a candidate.
What type of people are we looking for?
Amey - blog
Find out what Amey is looking for in its prospective graduates, and how you can apply for their opportunities.
BOC's ideal candidate
BOC - podcast
Find out what it takes to be the ideal BOC candidate from the Talent Team themselves.
"The ability to learn quickly and adapt."
Metaswitch - podcast
Current Metaswitch interns give us an insight into the key qualities that an ideal candidate needs to have.