Starting the Job

What can I get involved in as a KPMG graduate?
KPMG - video
Graduate Trainee Tina describes the amazing volunteering opportunities available at KPMG.
Monika's experience working in Frankfurt on the INEOS graduate programme
INEOS - podcast
"What can I say... How long have you got? It was great!"
Scientist to IP Lawyer: Ning-Ning's Blog
Bird & Bird - blog
Ning-Ning Li went from a Biochemistry graduate to an Associate at leading law firm, Bird & Bird. Find out why having a STEM background is an advantage when pursuing a career in law.
“It’s the perfect role for me!”
Network Rail - podcast
Alex talks us through what her day-to-day life was like as an Assistant Project Engineer at Network Rail, and tells us all about where she is now.
“Keep on exploring”
Network Rail - podcast
Network Rail graduates share their advice on starting the job; they encourage prospective graduates to keep researching, keep asking for opportunities and keep an open mind.
Take control of your own training
Cummins - video
Bharathy, Lab Operations Engineer, tells us all about the different training opportunities she’s had at Cummins.
"Feel connected and feel supported in all that you do with us"
Atkins - podcast
Hear from Niamh Fitzgerald, Atkins' Early Careers Graduate Recruitment Advisor, on the various ways in which Atkins supports its employees from the moment they start their journey there.
Benefit from a strong network and support system
Network Rail - podcast
We hear from Ade, Mechanical Engineering Graduate, on his role at Network Rail and where he sees himself progressing. Find out about the company’s relocation packages and how it supports its graduates towards Chartership.
Your first five days
Arup - blog
Here's some advice from graduates at Arup who attended the company's week-long Welcome Event.
What’s your five-year plan?
Atkins - podcast
Assistant Engineer Thevani’s five-year plan will give you an insight into the kinds of opportunities Atkins offers – from Chartership to working in different offices around the world.
What to expect as a Tesco Graduate
Tesco - podcast
Hackathons, Inductions, Store Placements and Presentations: find out what life is like in the first few weeks of Tesco’s graduate programme.
“Believe you can do it”
Atkins - podcast
Hear what advice Atkins’ graduates would give to their younger selves when they first started out.
From University to CGG Graduate
CGG - podcast
Listen to CGG graduates on the transition from university to CGG, and hear their advice on starting the job.
"There are so many opportunities."
Arup - podcast
Arup graduate, Martin, tells us why it's important to experience different parts of the business and to stay open minded when new opportunities arise.
CGG's graduate programme: what to expect
CGG - podcast
Cian, Graduate Geophysicist, describes what it's like to start the graduate programme at CGG.
What BOC graduates have learnt along the way
BOC - podcast
BOC graduates tell us about their journey so far and what they've learnt along the way.
"Accelerate your future."
Mott MacDonald - podcast
Senior Early Careers Talent Acquisition Advisor, Senay, talks us through the intern and graduate journey.
“You can have numerous careers within Atkins”
Atkins - podcast
Safety Engineer Louis tells us all about his favourite project, and Geotechnical Engineer Suzzy outlines the training and development opportunities at Atkins.
Have the freedom to explore different avenues
MBDA UK - video
Alice, Systems Test Analyst, gives a very honest account of her first few years with MBDA and explains how her career has progressed since starting the job.
Completing a master’s degree on the side
Cummins - video
Emma, Placement Student at Cummins, tells us about how the company supports its graduates to complete a master's degree part-time alongside their day job. Find out more.
“Your work will mean something from day 1”
Cummins - video
Tom Powell, Sub-System Team Lead, describes a typical ‘first month’ at Cummins. Find out about the company’s global onboarding and other fantastic opportunities.
Training, development, help and support
KPMG - video
Discover the various ways KPMG supports the training and development of its graduates – from Graduate Trainees Tina Kimfumu and Lydia Luff.
SSE’s thermal graduate programme
SSE - podcast
We spoke to Steven Brooker, leader of SSE's thermal graduate programme. Find out all about SSE’s Thermal Energy division and discover what you would get up to as a thermal graduate.
Bring your best self to the workplace
EY - blog
EY describe four key mindsets – or attributes – that will help you begin and grow a successful career.
Advice to my younger self...
Procter & Gamble - podcast
Emily, Process Engineer at P&G, describes the challenges of being a graduate in a managerial role; hear all about how she overcame them.
What to expect on the Network Rail graduate scheme
Network Rail - podcast
Network Rail graduates tell us what to expect on the graduate scheme and their experience so far.
Starting at SSE as an older graduate
SSE - podcast
Ewan shares his experience of starting on the SSE graduate programme as an older graduate.
The first week as a BOC graduate
BOC - podcast
Considering applying to BOC? Find out what the current graduates think of their first week.
"You aren't given the easy jobs, you're thrown straight in."
Mott MacDonald - podcast
Ever wondered what it's like on the graduate scheme at Mott MacDonald? The current graduates tell us why it's so important to have responsibility from the start.
How to work our grad programme for all its worth.
Atkins - blog
Find out Louise's secret to enjoying so many amazing opportunities so early in her career.
"Don't think you have to do it by yourself, because you don't!"
CGG - podcast
A CGG graduate explains the importance of teamwork when it comes to succeeding in your new role.
"Self-reflection is a good thing"
Tesco - podcast
Oliver, Senior Product Manager, describes what it was like to start as a Technology Graduate, and gives his advice to those thinking about starting a career at Tesco.
"You will continue to be supported throughout your time at Atkins"
Atkins - podcast
Smitha, Talent Attraction Co-ordinator, describes the ways in which Atkins supports and looks after its graduates.