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Here you’ll find advice from a range of our employers. The advice from each employer is specific to them. However, no matter who you’re applying to, there are certain things that every employer will look for. For a quick overview, simply click the box below.

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Applying to the BBC
BBC - video (7 mins)
Mark Smith, Schemes & Assessments Manager, gives us an exclusive insight into the BBC's application process.
Discover CGG's application process
CGG - video (8 mins)
Owen, Recruitment Technical Advisor at CGG, and also a geophysicist himself, provides a detailed overview of the company's application process.
From applying to accepting!
Martin-Baker - video (2 mins)
Lizzie, Recruiter at Martin-Baker, outlines the company's recruitment process and describes the unique opportunity for offer-holders to visit the site before accepting the company's job offer.
Sky's digital recruitment process
Sky - video (5 mins)
Learn about Sky's recruitment process for 2021, including two digital assessments and a virtual assessment centre.
"Don't be afraid – just go for it!"
Fujitsu - video (3 mins)
Fujitsu graduates give their advice on how to approach job hunting and your career in general upon leaving university.
"Don't shut yourself off from opportunities"
BAE Systems - video (8 mins)
Cameron describes his experience of BAE Systems' recruitment process and Jenny shares some fantastic hints and tips.
Applying for a PGCE
Institute of Physics - video (9 mins)
Daniel, Scholar at the Institute of Physics, describes the application process for PGCE courses and Ashleigh gives her top tips on how to prepare.
Navigating Babcock's virtual recruitment process
Babcock International Group - video (4 mins)
Babcock's Graduate and Early Careers Manager runs through the company's recruitment process for 2021.
What does Cundall's recruitment process look like now?
Cundall - video (3 mins)
Cundall's recruiter Helen Cullern outlines the company's recruitment plans and describes the application process.
How to impress Siemens!
Siemens - video (5 mins)
Charlotte, from Siemens' Early Careers team, gives her tips on the virtual aspects of company's application process, covering games-based assessments and video interviews.
BT and Openreach's application processes: Everything you need to know
BT - video (11 mins)
An overview of what BT and Openreach's application processes include – along with some really unique and varied insights into how to be successful.
A run-through of Taylor Wessing's application process
Taylor Wessing - video (7 mins)
Alice Hasted, Graduate Talent Advisor, gives us an insight into Taylor Wessing's application process – from meeting the initial requirements, from being invited to their Vacation Scheme.
Network Rail's recruitment process
Network Rail - video (2 mins)
Nina, Integrated Talent Solutions Advisor, runs through the recruitment process, from psychometric tests, to virtual interviews and assessment centres.
From online tests, to video interviews
Experian - video (3 mins)
Luke, Graduate Data Analyst at Experian, applied through Gradcracker during the pandemic. Find out what the application process involved.
"Everything's going to be digital and virtual"
Zurich - video (9 mins)
Georgia, Talent Acquisition Advisor, outlines the application process at Zurich. Get ahead of the game by finding out exactly what you can expect!
What fitness level do you need to attain?
Royal Air Force - video (1 min)
Keith Edge, from Engineering Recruitment, talks about the fitness assessment that is part of the Royal Air Force's recruitment process.
"They just want to see that you're a nice person and easy to work with!"
ABB Ltd - video (3 mins)
Sarah, Graduate Process Engineer, shares her experience of ABB's application process.
"We've made a few subtle changes..."
Science & Technology Facilities Council - video (3 mins)
Ben Bealing, from STFC, summarises the company's recruitment process and its adjustments in response to COVID-19.
How can I prepare to apply for Cummins?
Cummins - video (3 mins)
Cummins' Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Grace Gill, outlines the application process and suggests ways that you can prepare.
Application tips from Niamh, Early Careers Graduate Recruitment Advisor
Atkins - video (2 mins)
"Find those three or four companies which really speak to you – whether it's about the culture or the projects. Really research them and then prioritise which ones you're going to apply for."
Tayla's tips on applying to MBDA
MBDA UK - video (5 mins)
“It didn’t go well, but this is what I learnt from it – we’re interested in things like that as well.” Tayla Shelford, HR Advisor.
"We have a very personal process"
INEOS - video (1 min)
Annie, HR Director, describes the nature of the recruitment process at INEOS and outlines what it typically involves.
Siemens' application process: FAQs
Siemens - blog
Explore the answers to some of Siemens' frequently asked questions, such as: can I retake an online test, what is a strengths-based interview, and how can I track my application?
Tesco's application process: step by step
Tesco - video (1 min)
Idowu, Technology Product Graduate, outlines the programme's application process.
Useful tips from AECOM
AECOM - blog
Learn all about AECOM's application and assessment process for its UK&I Graduate Development Programme.
How to put your best foot forward
Barclays - blog
Discover Barclays' hints and tips on how you can prepare for their application process.
Your route into Deloitte
Deloitte - blog
Want a step-by-step guide to your route in to an amazing career at Deloitte? Read on.
Network Rail Recruiter's hints and tips
Network Rail - video (1 min)
Nina, Integrated Talent Solutions Advisor, talks about the importance of doing research on the company before you apply, and asking questions during the interview.
Top tips from Atkins' Graduate Recruitment Team
Atkins - video (1 min)
Every year Atkins receive over 14,000 applications to its Graduate Development Programme. Watch this video to learn what you can do to get ahead of the game and make your application stand out!
Alfa: The Way In
Alfa - video (2 mins)
Catriona Dickson, HR Generalist at Alfa, describes the company's recruitment and interview process. Discover the way in.
Mitsubishi Chemical's recruitment process
Mitsubishi Chemical - video (1 min)
Anna, European Recruiter, gives a brief overview of what you can expect if you apply to Mitsubishi Chemical.
WSP's recruitment process: what to expect
WSP - video (2 mins)
A quick run-through of WSP's recruitment process, from online applications, to games-based assessments, to final interviews and assessment centres.
The BBC's application top tips
BBC - video (1 min)
Advice for those thinking about applying to the BBC. #youmake the BBC.
Exploring Edwards' recruitment process
Edwards - video (3 mins)
"It will be a mixture of getting to know you as a person; finding out what your strengths and skills are, what makes you tick and what your career aspirations are." Jada, Early Careers Talent Acquisition Lead at Edwards.
Recruitment at Arm
Arm - video (5 mins)
Katie Daines, Early Careers Manager, describes some of the different roles at Arm and outlines the recruitment process for students and graduates.
A look at Essity's application process
Essity - video (3 mins)
Ruth Moxon, Talent Acquisition Country Manager, outlines the current application process for graduates applying to Essity in 2021.
"We want you to do the best that you can"
Fujitsu - video (4 mins)
Ben, Fujitsu Graduate, outlines the company's recruitment process, and Recruiter Hannah shares her best hints and tips.
How to stand out to recruiters at Martin-Baker
Martin-Baker - video (6 mins)
Harry and Matthew, Graduate Systems Engineers at Martin-Baker, describe their experiences of the company's recruitment process, and we discuss how you can present yourself as a rounded individual.
Applying to Centrica
Centrica - video (6 mins)
Gabriella, Future Talent Manager, outlines the recruitment process at Centrica.
Severn Trent's recruitment process
Severn Trent - video (3 mins)
Darren, Graduate Resourcing Manager, runs through the recruitment process, from online applications to zoom meetings, presentations and interviews.
An overview of BAE Systems' recruitment process
BAE Systems - video (2 mins)
Hafsa Patel, Sourcing and Attraction Lead at BAE Systems, gives a brief overview of the company's recruitment process for 2021.
What does Herbert Smith Freehills' assessment process look like this year?
Herbert Smith Freehills - video (4 mins)
Rebecca Worrall, Graduate Recruitment Manager, outlines the firm's assessment process and reveals what they are looking for in candidates.
"If at first you don't succeed, try again!"
CERN - video (5 mins)
An insight into CERN's recruitment process, and some top tips from CERN's recruiter, students and graduates.
Arup's recruitment process; from start to finish
Arup - video (5 mins)
Abby, Arup's Early Careers Recruiter, runs through the company's recruitment process for graduates and placement students.
Morgan Stanley's virtual recruitment process
Morgan Stanley - video (2 mins)
Matt Aspin, Technology Recruiter, describes the recruitment process at Morgan Stanley – from online testing, to telephone interviews, to virtual assessment centres.
How to shine on 'the day'
Emerson - video (3 mins)
How to stand out through Emerson's application process.
Joining the RAF as a Commonwealth national
Royal Air Force - video (1 min)
Sunith de Fonseka, AeroSystems Engineer, joined the Royal Air Force as a Commonwealth national. Watch this video to find out more about his experiences!
Mewburn Ellis's application process revealed
Mewburn Ellis LLP - video (6 mins)
Andy Whitlock, Resourcing and Talent Manager, reveals the ins-and-outs of the application process at Mewburn Ellis.
Learn about the GSK recruitment process
GlaxoSmithKline - video (5 mins)
Joshua Carney, Early Talent Recruitment and Attraction, talks us through the GSK recruitment process – well worth a watch/listen before applying to GSK!
Applying in your home setting
Experian - video (2 mins)
Recruiters at Experian really do understand the realities of working, and applying to jobs, from home.
The application process at Atkins
Atkins - video (3 mins)
Suzzy Berg, Geotechnical Engineer at Atkins, explains the application process at Atkins.
"Have an opinion... and share it!"
Zurich - video (2 mins)
We talk to some of Zurich's graduates and get their advice on how to stand out during the application process.
"We're always looking for the right person"
Royal Air Force - video (3 mins)
Keith Edge, from Engineering Recruitment in the Royal Air Force, shares his inside knowledge of the RAF's application process.
"We've had to really change our approach"
ABB Ltd - video (2 mins)
Find out how ABB's recruitment process has changed in light of COVID-19 from its head of recruitment, Jackie.
Get to know the company
INEOS - video (8 mins)
INEOS graduates share their experiences of the recruitment process as well as their hints and tips for prospective applicants.
Applying to grad schemes – my top 10 tips
Centrica - blog
"I want to provide my top 10 tips for this stressful, but very important period." Abhishek Kulkani, Commercial Marketing Graduate.
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