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Here you’ll find advice from a range of our employers. The advice from each employer is specific to them. However, there are certain things that you can do to progress in your career, wherever you are. For a quick overview, simply click the box below.

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Top tips from the CEO
WSP - video (3 mins)
We discuss with WSP the importance of experiencing as many different areas of the business as possible.
"There's loads of support"
Centrica - video (3 mins)
We hear about some of the training and development opportunities at Centrica from Abi, Finance Graduate, who is studying to become an accountant.
A journey that's unique to you
Martin-Baker - video (5 mins)
Harry describes his experiences at Martin-Baker, and we discuss the importance of tailoring your training and development to suit your needs and aspirations.
Create your own path at Arup
Arup - video (7 mins)
"You're given a lot of flexibility in terms of what area you want to specialise in. There's no formal training schedule, so it's up to you to create your own path." Mira, Graduate at Arup.
Training tips from Siemens' graduates
Siemens - video (2 mins)
Olamide and Nathaniel give some great advice on how to approach your training and make the most of what is available to you.
"Water is a great industry to get Chartered in"
Severn Trent - video (3 mins)
Discover the Chartership opportunities at Severn Trent.
The Path to Partnership
Taylor Wessing - video (3 mins)
"Everyone's career is a personal journey, and everyone's career is different." – Matthew Royle, Partner at Taylor Wessing.
"The world's your oyster with training at Experian"
Experian - video (4 mins)
Find out how Shamas, Service Operations Graduate, came to do an apprenticeship in project management alongside his graduate scheme.
Chartership in the RAF
Royal Air Force - video (4 mins)
Gareth is working towards his Chartered Engineer status with the Royal Air Force – find out how you can do the same.
Take control of your own training
Cummins - video (1 min)
Bharathy, Lab Operations Engineer, tells us all about the different training opportunities she’s had at Cummins.
Bigger and better things!
Zurich - video (6 mins)
"The beauty of the graduate programme is that I'm learning more and more about myself with each rotation" – Abi, Graduate in International Property Underwriting.
PhDs – what are my options?
ABB Ltd - video (3 mins)
Xiaotang Gu, Mechanical engineer, has completed a PhD with ABB. If you're thinking about doing a PhD, have a listen to Xiaotang's experiences and advice...
How to work our grad programme for all its worth.
Atkins - blog
Find out Louise's secret to enjoying so many amazing opportunities so early in her career.
Training, development, help and support
KPMG - video (6 mins)
Discover the various ways KPMG supports the training and development of its graduates – from Graduate Trainees Tina Kimfumu and Lydia Luff.
What can I get involved in as a KPMG graduate?
KPMG - video (3 mins)
Graduate Trainee Tina describes the amazing volunteering opportunities available at KPMG.
"There's no other programme like it"
INEOS - video (4 mins)
Monika shares her experiences of working abroad in Germany as part of INEOS's graduate programme.
Thevani's 5-year plan
Atkins - video (2 mins)
"In 5 years I definitely want to be Chartered! I'd also love to be working in one of Atkins' foreign offices." Thevani, Assistant Engineer at Atkins
Working on your weaknesses
Edwards - video (4 mins)
We speak to Graduate Engineer Elin about training and development, focusing particularly on improving personal weaknesses.
How do you feel about presentations?
Edwards - video (3 mins)
Graduate Engineer Elin talks about her upcoming presentation at Edwards and reveals why she actually finds presentations positive, validating experiences.
"I want to get a diverse range of experiences"
WSP - video (4 mins)
WSP graduates describe some of the ways in which they are planning to progress their careers.
What could you learn at the BBC?
BBC - video (4 mins)
India, from Broadcasting Engineering, and Sarah, from Software Engineering, outline some of the training and development opportunities they have received at the BBC.
Getting a Master's degree at work
Severn Trent - video (2 mins)
Rose, Innovation Ecosystems & Knowledge Lead, describes how Severn Trent have supported her in completing a Master's degree.
Set up to succeed
Royal Air Force - video (3 mins)
Changing paths, working in the Falkland Islands and managing a team of 52 people – we think James's journey is definitely worth a listen if you're starting a role with the Royal Air Force.
"We really encourage people to move around the organisation"
Severn Trent - video (7 mins)
Discover some of the training opportunities at Severn Trent, and find out more about how you can build your own personal development plan.
"You'll always find your feet somewhere"
BAE Systems - video (2 mins)
Is it possible to move between business areas at BAE Systems?
Training at the Institute of Physics
Institute of Physics - video
Discover the various training opportunities offered by the Institute of Physics.
Choose your own training opportunities
Babcock International Group - video (4 mins)
Babcock's placement students and graduates describe the different training and development opportunities they've received.
"You end up being such a better attorney at the end of the scheme"
Mewburn Ellis LLP - video (12 mins)
Moving between offices, university courses, exams and support – find out what building a career as a Patent Attorney involves, from graduates who have done it themselves.
Career progression with Emerson
Emerson - video (2 mins)
Catherine, Internal Sales Engineer, talks about the training she has received at Emerson to help her progress her career.
From graduate to award nominee!
Frazer-Nash Consultancy - video (3 mins)
Find out how Philippa, Consultant at Frazer-Nash, got nominated for the IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award in 2019.
"Just because you go into industry doesn't mean you can't do a PhD"
Johnson Matthey - video (1 min)
Learn what your options are when it comes to PhDs, and what support you can receive from companies like Johnson Matthey.
What soft skills will you learn?
Science & Technology Facilities Council - video (3 mins)
From teamwork to communication, and from technical learning to becoming a STEM ambassador – Ben Bealing from STFC reveals the variety of skills you can learn on the company's graduate programme.
Completing a master’s degree on the side
Cummins - video (1 min)
Emma, Placement Student at Cummins, tells us about how the company supports its graduates to complete a master's degree part-time alongside their day job. Find out more.