COVID-19 News


Where could you work?

Having spoken to universities and students, we know that a lot of you are concerned about the ways in which employers are responding to COVID-19. We're here to help you set those worries aside.

We have had conversations with lots of our employers about whether, and in what ways, COVID-19 is affecting their plans to recruit – and the responses we have received have been extremely positive.

Companies that recruit graduates think long-term – the graduates that they recruit today will be their leaders of the future. For this reason, employers are continuing to recruit, and their placement and graduate opportunities remain open.

For candidates who are already in the process of applying; many employers are making the necessary adjustments to their application processes – e.g., organising virtual assessment centres and video interviews.

So, the overall message is best summed up as 'business as usual'. Employers are continuing to recruit – so you need to keep applying!

Below are some examples of the feedback we have received; these are typical of what we're hearing from our employers.

We will 100% make allowances for the students that have all been caught up with this. We are still recruiting as normal and there have been no changes made to headcount.
We are continuing to recruit and at present our start dates have not been affected and we are being flexible on expected grades during this time.
Cummins is still hiring for placements and graduates and we don't focus on the predicted grades.
We have/are moving everything virtually so that new starters can work from home.
All assessments are being done virtually at this stage, but we still hope that final interviews will be conducted in person.
Arm is still actively recruiting and will be doing so for the foreseeable future.
RAF recruitment remains open.
We plan to still recruit similar numbers of graduates and year in industry students as we have in previous years.