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  • The utilities sector manages the supply of basic amenities including water, gas and electricity.
  • It is always looking for smarter, more efficient and sustainable ways to supply the needs of future generations, making it a dynamic and forward-thinking industry to work in.
  • Digital technology and renewable energy will play a major part in transforming the utilities sector – helping to mitigate climate change and meet the demands of today, and tomorrow’s, world.
  • Working in this sector, you will take part in innovative engineering projects and develop sustainable services to last years into the future.
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  • Located in the catchment areas of two of Britain’s largest rivers, Severn Trent is responsible for water supply management, and waste water treatment and disposal.
  • Severn Trent is one of Britain’s largest water companies.
  • It serves over 8 million customers across the heart of the UK, stretching from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, and from mid-Wales to the East Midlands.
  • Severn Trent is preparing for the future: investing in new and existing assets like pipes, treatment works and reservoirs, while continuing to handle water in a responsible, sustainable way.

Severn Trent Hub on Gradcracker

If you’d like to help Severn Trent keep water flowing, you’ll love our very insightful webinar with them on the company’s Gradcracker hub. It covers all aspects of a student or graduate’s journey at Severn Trent – from the application process, right through to gaining Chartership – and you can hear all about the impressive training opportunities on offer.

Why Severn Trent?

If you’d like to know what makes Severn Trent a great place to work, don’t miss the top five reasons why you should apply to them – from making a difference in local communities, to taking on new and exciting challenges.

Making a positive impact for generations to come

Severn Trent has an important role to play in protecting and sustaining water as a natural resource, and the environment as a whole. You can discover what the company is doing to help create a sustainable world on their hub.

Join Severn Trent and help deliver one of life’s essentials.

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