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  • The world is becoming increasingly digitalised and businesses are striving to keep pace with technological advancement.
  • The internet, in particular, is becoming ever more important as e-commerce sales are growing at a rapid pace.
  • Computing is also essential to modern industrial technology. Every day, it makes processes and production simpler, safer, quicker and more efficient.
  • As a result, companies from a vast range of industries require people with high-level computing skills. Systems designers, software engineers, web developers, and cyber security specialists, for instance, are all in high demand.
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Machine Learning
Sponsored by Graphcore
  • Through their Intelligence processing Unit (IPU) hardware, Graphcore is enabling breakthroughs in machine intelligence.
  • The IPU’s unique architecture, designed for AI and machine learning, lets researchers undertake new types of work which are not possible using current technologies.
  • It is enabling innovators across all industries, from medical research to robotics to autonomous cars.
  • Founded in 2016, Graphcore has offices worldwide.
  • Graphcore believes its IPU technology will become the worldwide standard for machine intelligence compute.

Graphcore Hub on Gradcracker

You can find out more about Graphcore and their unique IPU technology on their Gradcracker hub. In particular, see their ‘Blogs’ section for latest news and updates on how Graphcore is defining next generation machine intelligence through their innovative hardware and software.

Work that matters

If you’re wondering what your career could look like at Graphcore, their hub has an extensive library of employee profiles. Hear from web developers, silicon engineers and members of the software team to find out what they’ve got up to so far and why they love working for Graphcore.

Drive advances in machine intelligence

If you’re thinking about applying to Graphcore, there are lots of tips on their hub to guide you through the process. Find out what they’re looking for in your application, and what you can expect from one of their assessment centres.

If you’d like to help drive the world into a new era of intelligence and progress that everyone can benefit from, start your career at Graphcore.

Visit the Graphcore Hub
Software Development & Technical Consultancy
Sponsored by Autodesk
  • Autodesk is a global leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software and is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.
  • Its services range from software development to technical consultancy.
  • Customers use Autodesk software to bring their ideas to life, and its products are used across almost every industry.
  • Autodesk is looking for talented and ambitious individuals to join them. Its placement and graduate programmes run side by side to ensure everyone gets the training and support they need to launch their career.

Autodesk Hub on Gradcracker

There are many reasons to join Autodesk – from the chance to get involved in meaningful work, to the company’s culture of respect. You can find out more about the benefits of starting your career at Autodesk on the company’s Gradcracker hub.

Help to change the world

Autodesk supports people and organisations that use design for positive social and environmental impact. Discover what kind of support it provides, and to whom, under ‘Autodesk Foundation’.

Bring ideas to life

If you’d like to find out how Autodesk software is put to use in the real world, head to the company’s ‘Blogs’ page. Here, you can read about how it is enabling innovators to create environmentally-friendly solutions, from greener bicycle designs to award-winning sustainable buildings.

At Autodesk, you will experience intensive training, rotate around different teams, and work on real-world projects – right from the start.

Help lead the future of design and manufacturing with Autodesk.

Visit the Autodesk Hub
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