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There are many career paths open to you as a STEM student – so why should you pursue a career in Intellectual Property?

At Mewburn Ellis, Patent Attorneys work at the forefront of science and the cutting edge of technology. They have the opportunity to rotate around multiple offices, and work with a diverse range of companies and institutions.

Maybe working in a lab isn’t for you, and you’d prefer to use and develop your STEM knowledge in a dynamic office environment? If so, this is a career option definitely worth exploring.

Mewburn Ellis - Part 2 (Pre-Recorded)

We've recorded a short follow up to the original webinar with a few questions we didn't get to cover in the original broadcast. Hear about the panels key cases, the culture at Mewburn Ellis and the future of IP...

Hosted by

Jessica Luck
Sophie Hare-Scott

Guest speakers

Andy Whitlock
Resourcing and Talent Manager
Sam Bailey
Partner, Patent Attorney Chemistry
Anna Mudge
Associate, Patent Attorney Life Sciences
Isobel Stone
Associate, Patent Attorney Engineering
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This webinar was originally broadcast on
Thursday, 19th November 2020
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