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Despite an initial technical issue, another very successful webinar! Anuj & Monika deliver some fantastic guidance for future applicants on how to succeed during the recruitment process and how their journey on the graduate programme has given them unique experiences. Annie enlightens us with her deep knowledge of INEOS and what they look for in a graduate. 

Hosted by

Jessica Luck
Sophie Hare-Scott

Guest speakers

Annie Collins
HR Director
Anuj Savani
Feedstock Trading Analyst
Monika Jurcic
Commercialisation Manager
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This webinar was originally broadcast on
Thursday, 20th August 2020

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Who will excel at INEOS?

"We're after bright people who want to make a difference." Annie, HR Director, describes the qualities INEOS looks for in prospective students and graduates. 

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"We have a very personal process"

Annie, HR Director, describes the nature of the recruitment process at INEOS and outlines what it typically involves.

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Get to know the company

INEOS graduates share their experiences of the recruitment process as well as their hints and tips for prospective applicants. 

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Find out why these graduates chose to start their career at INEOS.

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"There's no other programme like it"

Monika shares her experiences of working abroad in Germany as part of INEOS's graduate programme.

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