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Whatever STEM degree you’re studying, there are opportunities for you at Fujitsu. They’re looking for people who are enthusiastic to learn new skills and who share their values of sustainability and human-centric innovation. 

We were amazed by the ‘small company feel’ of such a large organisation. Events like coffee mornings and film nights have continued virtually during the pandemic, allowing graduates to build relationships with colleagues both in their immediate team and in offices around the world.  

The webinar also features an in-depth discussion on Fujitsu’s recruitment process, where current graduates are involved in assessing the video interviews of new applicants – don’t miss their exclusive insights and tips!

Hosted by

Jessica Luck
Sophie Hare-Scott

Guest speakers

Hannah Whelan
Junior Talent Recruitment Team
Rebecca O’Keefe
Software Development Graduate
Ben Brunswick
Technical Consulting Graduate
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This webinar was originally broadcast on
Thursday, 25th March 2021

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You don't need a technology background to work at Fujitsu

Ben, Technical Consulting Graduate, explains what kind of skills are important at Fujitsu.

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"We want you to do the best that you can"

Ben, Fujitsu Graduate, outlines the company's recruitment process, and Recruiter Hannah shares her best hints and tips.

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Ask questions, and you'll stand out!

Becky describes the escape room-style tasks that she took part in as part of Fujitsu's assessment centre, and we discuss the importance of asking questions.

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How to impress during Fujitsu's video interviews

Fujitsu graduates have gone through the video interview stage, and actually assess the video interviews of new applicants – hear their experiences and advice.

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"We're not looking for the finished article"

Find out what makes Fujitsu's ideal candidate... 

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"Don't be afraid – just go for it!"

Fujitsu graduates give their advice on how to approach job hunting and your career in general upon leaving university.

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"I get to choose my own training"

Graduates at Fujitsu experience a continual learning process. Discover some of the different types of training they've benefitted from since starting with the company.

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What is Agile methodology?

Ben, Technical Consulting Graduate, defines agile working – watch this before your interview with Fujitsu!

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Settling in, making connections and having fun!

Fujitsu has gone above and beyond to integrate their graduates into the Fujitsu community during the pandemic. Becky, Software Development Graduate, describes some of the amazing things she's had the chance to be involved in.

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