About Gradcracker

What is Gradcracker?

Gradcracker is the UK's careers website for STEM students. We have over 200 employers at any one time advertising placements/internships or graduate opportunities.

Who is Gradcracker for?

Gradcracker is solely for students studying STEM disciplines.

Do I have to pay to use Gradcracker?

No, it’s a completely free service for students and universities.

How does Gradcracker make its money?

Gradcracker employers pay to advertise on the website.

Is Gradcracker a recruitment agency?

No. On Gradcracker you apply directly to the employer not via Gradcracker.

What happens when I ‘Follow’ someone on Gradcracker?

The 'Follow' feature on Gradcracker allows you to keep up-to-date with all of a company's latest opportunities. You will receive email alerts and push notifications through the Gradcracker App whenever there is news about your 'Followed' employers. Employers can also see if you follow them when they use the CV search facility.

Should I reference Gradcracker in my covering letter?

Yes. It is helpful for employers to know from where they are successfully targeting candidates. It is also a good idea to mention that you have ‘Followed’ the employer on Gradcracker.

How should I approach employers at Career Fairs?

The candidates who will impress employers at fairs are those who have done their research so know what the company is about and what they have to offer. So visit the company hubs on Gradcracker before the fair and then when you talk to employers make sure that you ‘show off’ your knowledge.

Does Gradcracker send my CV to the employers for me?

No, when you upload your CV onto Gradcracker it is stored on a database which can only be accessed by our employers. If an employer likes your CV then they can invite you to apply to their opportunity.

About the Gradcracker Toolkit

What is the Gradcracker Toolkit?

The Gradcracker Toolkit is a step-by-step guide to help you choose your ideal career and to be a successful candidate.

Where can I find a Gradcracker Toolkit?

You should be able to pick up a free copy from your university careers service. You can also view the Toolkit online here.

Is there an online version of the Gradcracker Toolkit?

Yes, the Toolkit is available to view online here.

Is the Gradcracker Toolkit free?

Yes, the Gradcracker Toolkit is free and it can be found in your careers service department or online here.

How up-to-date is the Gradcracker Toolkit?

The Gradcracker Toolkit is updated every academic year. The latest edition (2018/19) of the Toolkit can be found in your careers service department or online here.

About Job Hunting

When should I start job hunting?

It is never too early to start thinking about your career. On Gradcracker you can research employers and industry sectors and you can also search for placements/internships whilst you are at university. Employers are increasingly offering placements to first-year students so there is no reason to delay.

(If your question relates to searching for placements/internships or graduate opportunities, CV writing, assessment centres, interviews, etc please click here to access the Gradcracker Toolkit online.)