The Gradcracker Feedback Pledge

The problem

We speak to thousands of STEM students on campus and a recurring theme is the issue of employer feedback.

Whilst this is not a new complaint, it has been noticeably more prevalent recently, and we fear that the expectation of no feedback is preventing students from applying for jobs in the first place!

The solution

We know that the majority of our employers already advise applicants if they have been unsuccessful and are happy to provide feedback to interviewees if asked. But we want to make it clear to students. That’s why we’ve introduced The Gradcracker Feedback Pledge.

It promises two things:

  1. That the employer will let the student know if their application is unsuccessful.
  2. All interviewees will have access to feedback. (This means that the employer will supply feedback if requested after an interview.)

How to find if an employer has signed up to The Pledge

It features on their Company Hub - in the 'Facts' on the Homepage and Profile page and on every job opportunity.

Look out for the big tick!