Engineering, Manufacturing or Research Summer Internships

We can offer summer internships in Research, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sustaining (REMS) or the Field. 

Internships at our REMS centres present you with a real industry problem to solve. The period of the placement is normally 12 weeks between June and September.

Each of our different Technology Centre’s are involved in Engineering and Sustaining products to different areas of the business. Your projects will differ depending on the centre.

Why Schlumberger? Dynamic and diverse working environment

Schlumberger offers a dynamic and uniquely diverse working environment. Hear our employees explain what it’s like to work here.

You will be part of a team who are responsible for a particular product throughout its development cycle including concept, feasibility, development, testing, commercialisation and sustaining. 

Our field internships offer a unique chance to see whether a Field Engineer or Field Specialist position is really the job for you. A sense of adventure and ambition are musts for this outdoor 24-hour, 365-day work environment, where long hours under pressure and dirty hands are to be expected. Field internships run only through the summer and last between 4-6 weeks. 

For both, you will work in a multi-disciplinary team to develop products even more ruggedised than the military and space industry to survive the harsh conditions encountered in the downhole environment.

All our placements offer you responsibility from day one of your placement. In return you will get plenty of support from your manager and team members to ensure your time with us is both enjoyable and hugely rewarding.

Internships are a fantastic way of getting to know Schlumberger and what we do. We would love to see you come back to work for us on one of our graduate training programs and internships offer a great platform to achieve this. 

One of our interns who was taking part in their second summer internship with Schlumberger said the following;

“One of the best aspects of my internship was job satisfaction. My project brought together three different aspects of engineering; mathematical analysis, computer simulations and testing. All of these elements require a good knowledge of engineering, yet all in different respects. This gave me the opportunity to gain experience in each of these elements and gave me the challenge of bringing them all together. The project that I carried out is the basis for future development of the research, so it is satisfying to know that the work I was doing was meaningful. In terms of what I most enjoyed this was closely followed by the fact that I was working abroad and having the chance to experience life in a different country.”

What we are looking for?

For REMS - To qualify, you must have completed three years of an undergraduate degree and be in a master's or PhD programme in the following disciplines; Automotive, Aeronautical, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronic, Geophysics, Manufacturing, Mathematics, Mechanical, Petroleum, Physics, Supply Chain & Logistics.

For Field - The minimum educational requirements are completion of second-year undergraduate studies in an engineering discipline, geology, geophysics, or science. Positions are very competitive with only a limited number of places available.

For both we are looking for exceptional undergraduates working towards a 2:1 degree or above.


Opportunity Overview

  • Closing Date: Ongoing
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Accepting: All grades (expected)
  • Opportunity: Work Placement / Internship
  • Placement Duration: Summer
  • Location: Various

Other benefits...

  • Almost endless career progression
  • Multiple opportunities to work abroad
  • Numerous employee support channels

Disciplines accepted...

  • All STEM disciplines
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How To Apply

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