Claire Freeman

Aero-Acoustic CFD

"Jaguar Land Rover has definitely lived up to everything I thought it would be and so much more . . ."

My name is Claire Freeman, my job title is Aero-Acoustic CFD Engineer in Product Development Engineering and I work at Gaydon.

I guess my perceptions before I started Jaguar Land Rover were that it would be quite male-dominated, especially in Product Development, but it didn’t feel like that at all when I first got here. Everyone’s really friendly. Everyone does their own job, expects you to do yours and it's all great.

I think the thing that surprised me most about working at Jaguar Land Rover is the amount of trust people give you. I never thought that I would be given hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of CFD budgets to use as I thought best or that I would be given hours and hours in the wind tunnel to do my correlation work exactly as I want and entrusted to produce the results.

At Jaguar Land Rover I’ve enjoyed lots and lots of things; the challenge of my job, the responsibilities I’ve been given, the travel I’ve had the opportunity to do and especially the friends I’ve made.

Jaguar Land Rover has definitely lived up to everything I thought it would be and so much more. I knew I wanted to work in the CAE environment, which I’m doing, but I get to do so much more. I never thought I would be driving XKs and Porsches round our track to see which are the loudest.

I guess the tips and advice I’d give someone that has just started at Jaguar Land Rover is if you have any questions just ask somebody. See if you can find any of us previous graduates because we’ll always be able to help you out, because however silly you think your question is, I bet we’ve asked it too and hopefully found the answer.

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