Flexible displays bring outstanding opportunities for automotive interior design.

The trend towards greater connectivity and automation in the vehicle is placing increasing focus and value on the Human–Machine Interface (HMI).


Flexible fingerprint sensors can be seamlessly integrated into products, bringing game-changing capabilities to biometric applications.

Today, fingerprint scanning is a very common form of biometric authentication. There is an increased need for ultra-thin sensors that can be applied to non-flat surfaces and that can be manufactured over large areas.

Digital signage

Flexible Organic Liquid Crystal Display (OLCD) brings functional and technical benefits to indoor and outdoor digital signage.

Digital signage is a powerful tool for creating and distributing content with applications across multiple industries including retail, street furniture and transportation.

Mobile devices

In the last few years there has been a trend to reduce the size of the bezel on mobile devices.

This trend has started with smartphones where it is driven by consumers’ requirements for larger screens without necessarily increasing the size of the device.


Smart devices

Flexible displays unlock innovative design paradigms for smart devices and bring surfaces to life.

Changing consumer lifestyles and progress in connectivity technologies are leading to a growing adoption of smart devices and prompting more brands to enter this market.

TVs and monitors

OLCD provides a route to ultra-high contrast TVs and monitors. Picture quality is one of the most important display features when it comes to TVs and monitors.

OLED TVs provide ultra-high contrast thank to pixel dimming - every single pixel generates light itself and turns on/off independently achieving excellent black level.


Wearable technology

Flexible displays and flexible sensors will transform wearable technology by enabling devices to conform to our bodies and our clothes while offering greater utility.

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