Graduate Development Programme

We’re all about making a positive impact, whether that’s through our work or supporting our own people. That’s why we work towards training and developing the talent of graduates, ensuring that we’re always pushing ourselves, pushing our limits and pushing for a journey that’s worth talking about.

All graduates start their journey on our Graduate Development Programme – and it’s a journey that can lead all the way to becoming a member of our leadership team.

We’re all about making a positive impact.

How does it work?

Kier graduates get full immersion into our business and build skills that endure far beyond the programme.

Your programme will give you a combination of:

  • Practical on-the-job experience.
  • Formal technical and commercial learning.
  • Management development qualification.
  • Professional development.

You'll be supported in your day-to-day work by an on-the-job line manager, while a mentor will help you develop clear goals, expand your skills and work towards chartership of your relevant professional body. Progress will be assessed during six-monthly reviews. Once you've completed the two-year programme you'll continue to receive ongoing support from your mentor and the business unit to complete your chartership.

What's involved?

  • Formal technical and commercial training: You’ll be given a chance to enhance your specialist knowledge through formal and practical learning.
  • Management development programme: Introduction to fundamental management development programme.
  • E-learning modules: Bite-size programmes designed to support and refresh learning in specific areas.
  • Site visits: You'll be encouraged to visit a number of different projects to broaden your knowledge of Kier.

There will also be opportunities to inspire young people by becoming a 'Construction Ambassador', train as a mentor, and win a Recognition Award for your hard work and achievements.

What do we look for?

To be successful we need the best people out there in the right places, graduates who believe in our values and have the talent to thrive.

Academically, we look for a minimum 2.1 degree or European equivalent across majority of our graduate development programmes. Please refer to the specific programme advert for the exact requirements. Additionally, for our construction related programmes, your degree will need to be a professionally accredited degree in a discipline such as Civil Engineering, Design, Commercial Services or Construction Management or as specified by the vacancy.